Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Look Back.....

This New Year's Eve is technically mine and Mr's 4th together. FOURTH! Whoa right? That makes us #1. Feel freaking old. #2. Reflect a lot on how we've changed as people. #3. Feel pretty dang lucky that the two cooooooolest people (for each other) met, married and are just livin' it up. This picture above was last year exactly at midnight as our first New Year's Eve as a married couple. I'm glad I caught it on film. And I will continue to snatch a kissing picture at midnight for the rest of forever! New year's is always an interesting holiday when so many people are so focused on being with someone special to kiss, (although most meet someone the week of on an online dating service and later can't even remember who they were with, how romantic) as well as the resolutions to be better that normally comes to terms that they will not be reached 4 weeks later and that they will have to put it off again for another 11 months. Regardless I like this holiday. I sadly will admit that I always wondered on New Year's Eve who I would be kissing the following year and how funny it was for me to see who exactly was the next one up on the kissing list, anyways, on New Year's Eve 2008-2009 I never would have thought that the boy I was listening to talk on the phone would also be the boy I ended up marrying, let me give you a run-down, My Darling was a bit of a party-er in our early days. That year was our senior year of high school, I had been invited to numerous events (that is the truth believe it or not after I tell you what my night's events were) but I decided to babysit for some of my most favorite people instead. I got about 6 phone calls from D that night, he was at a huge party and was continuously getting more and more slurred and I was getting more and more sure that his hopes of us dating were never going to happen but was entertained nonetheless. After I was done babysitting my best girlfriends were all meeting at my house for a slumber party and we all met there right as D. called one of my best friends who had just left the party he was at, we all sat in my bedroom while he was on speakerphone continually slurring, "I have a school boy crush on her, I just have a school boy crush on her and I don't know what to do! I've had it forever, as long as I have known her. How can I get her to be with me?" We all were trying our hardest not to laugh because he thought that Jess was at her house and in the middle of his conversation with her he got really sober and said "Jessica where are you?" and we all almost died, as she tried to tell him that she was at her house, he then said "you are with Megan right now aren't you?" luckily she convinced him otherwise and the poor guy believed her and was not pleasantly surprised when I told him the next day how charming he was when He wasn't sure what he was saying. Nonetheless I told Jess to let him know that as long as he drank I would never, never, never date him. And I am proud to report that, that is the last time my dear husband was in a drunken stupor. And although I was partially disgusted and annoyed, he was adorably sappy and I couldn't help but like that he was so wrapped up in me. Now don't take that story the wrong way because we all know I above most people do not like drinking in the slightest but I can't help but think about our first official New Year's "together" and laugh at where we are at now. For the record today we took all of our Christmas decorations and trees down and then went to Hobby Lobby for over two hours and both came home with shiz from there and have since starting decorating for Love Day! We already watched the Red Bull New Year's No Limit's and are continuing the night by watching the Big Bang Theory and a big smooch in less than an hour. I'll be honest and say I can't wait for this hell-hole of a year to be over (no offense to you people that liked this year, but ick, no thanks! I prefer the even years) I'm very much looking forward to things like my 18 month anniversary, half birthday, Drew's birthday, my birthday and all of the other holidays and fun things that are in store for all of us. Love you Yay-Hoos and hope you are having a safe and wonderful holiday and enjoying the rest of your life in the year 2011 love love xoxo M

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

On: Christmas Time

Oh Hey! I've been missing in action for a while so if you ever read my blog I apologize for that. Unlike most people I get sad around Christmas time. It makes me reflect on the past and on the future and I get a little melancholy. I love Christmas as well though, but this Christmas was a little hard for me. Last Christmas it was just a few weeks before Drew was going to be leaving for 6 months, we had only been married for 5 months and I was scared and it was hard to feel excited and to buy presents that I knew wouldn't be able to be used for 6 months. This year I was excited but we found out that Drew would be on a 30 day rotation deployment and didn't think he would be around for Christmas. For that reason Mr. Bongiovi and I wanted to spend as much time together as possible. We were lucky though, he was able to come home late Friday night and be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. This year for Christmas we weren't going to get each other anything because of Dutch Button as well as this beauty,
Drew has always had a truck, until this time last year when we decided to sell it because he was leaving and then we bought a Jetta. Well living in Utah with icy roads and a Jetta surprisingly didn't work out, (even though all of our friends here TOLD us it wouldn't) In the end we both got we wanted, I always wanted a Jetta and for a good 6 months I was able to have one, then we almost died in a succession of 3 days and I said it was time for a either an SUV or a truck. Who am I kidding though? Drew and I are truck people we are from Idaho and we feel right at home in that lovely. I wanted to get a Titan because that was always our deal, but then Drew saw this truck and really liked it, (he's not a Ford guy) but we drove it around and decided it was ours. Merry Christmas to us!! By the time Christmas rolled around however we had more presents under our tree to each other than we knew what to do with other than open and we spent our now 3rd Christmas together. This year was different though because since it was my family's year for Christmas and my sister and her cute family came from Texas we had no where to stay in Preston and we figured we might as well stay in Logan. So Christmas Eve we all were together for our tradition of Oyster stew (as well as something else that is edible) and cinnamon rolls. This year my cute boys dressed up as the three wise-men and it lasted a good 2 minutes, they were adorable. Christmas day each family were at their own houses (except Cass and Wes who were with my parents) and we all did our own Christmas and then got together and went to church and then opened up the family presents. It was probably one of my favorite Christmas's ever even though I was a little down. I wanted to do something this year that would help remind me what the true meaning of Christmas really was, and so I decided to write a letter to everyone in my family to tell them personally why they were special to me. Although that probably sounds super cheesy, I don't really do things like that, and so for me it made a big difference to reflect on this past year and think of how all of my siblings and parents and Drew and my grandparents have been here for me and us and have made my life what it is. I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas and that it was filled with love wherever you are. Because this is such a condensed version of the past few weeks I am sure I will write more on the goings on, but until then Happy Holidays! xoxo M

Saturday, December 17, 2011

On Christmas Traditions

A few weeks ago we went and helped decorate my parents tree. My parents are in the process of moving to Logan but have yet to find a house so they are staying with my Grandma Buttars in Preston. This is actually a win/win situation for all of them because my parents are being picky about the housing situation (not that, that is a bad thing) and my Grandma is a widow and has enjoyed them being there. I honestly can't remember ever seeing an actual Christmas tree at my Grandma's house because they always go to their house in St. George or would come and stay with my family often during the holidays so it was fun to see a tree glowing in my Grandma's house. At my house growing up we always have had two trees. One downstairs that was real and was the "Family Tree" and then one upstairs that was fake that was my mom's "pretty tree." This year they only did one obviously and it is their fake one. My mom is a master lightswomen and yes, every, single, branch, is covered in lights that she applied over the lights of the tree already so that it was very well lit and lovely. Then Drew and I had the honors of applying the decorations all the while Forrest Gump was on, (Which honestly was suuuuper awkward for me because I always thought that Forrest Gump was rated R and so even when it was on TV that means it is kinda ok versus the for sure rated R I never watched it, then to be in the room with my parents and Grandma and to have them all loving it and talking about what was next was more than disconcerting to me, it made me itchy to be exact) anyway, onward to the tree
Look at that Beauty! Woo, it really could almost pass as a real tree which is good because personally I hate fake trees unless they are obviously obviously fake like white or purple or made of feathers or glitter or something weird. I just like real trees and I think all of the hassel is worth it. I thought Dutch would try to destroy our tree but instead he has been a little darling and hasn't bothered it at all, just to drink from the stand, which in my book isn't bothersome. Speaking of that tree, you should see all of the presents underneath it!! Every time I go there I am in present envy! Seriously, I used to count every present every day up to Christmas and keep track of how many presents were for everybody, but with this I just couldn't, My nephews have replaced all of the present excitement for me they have overtaken all of that, but I know when they open their presents on Christmas I will be excited to watch them open all of the presents........ Anyways I also took a few pictures of some of our ornaments on that tree because it is one of my favorite family traditions! Because my Dad worked for the Idaho Supreme Court my whole life he would travel quite a bit and so my parents started a tradition where my dad would get Christmas tree ornaments from where he visited and when we went on trips our family would choose an ornament. The top one is my personal favorite because that is when myself, my parents, and my Grandma went on a Mexican cruise and so I got to pick out the ornament all by my lonesome, hence the favorable amount of glitter. The seal is from the Oregon Coast, the pandas are from Washington D.C. the blowfish is from California and the precious moments one is from when we went to a Jazz basketball game when I was 8 and I put my name in a drawing along with a couple thousand other people and they picked my ticket and I won it. I was stoked. Still proud of that thank you very much!
I have a few favorite Christmas traditions, but one of my very very favorite is choosing a family and buying their family presents for Christmas, growing up we always did that and would drop the presents off and run and hide and watch them come to the door. I think that is part of the reason I love presents so much, there is nothing like the feeling of getting little kids presents when they didn't think "Santa" or Christmas presents were happening that year. And nothing like seeing the look of pure gratitude on the face of parents who didn't either. Since Drew and I got married we get Angel tree tickets and always choose two children to get things for. Last year we got sisters that were 6 months and 3 and we went to town. We seriously had so much fun getting them toys, and hair accessories and shoes and coats and little socks. So fun. This year we chose two children from different families, a little boy who was 3 and a little girl who was 5. They each needed coats so we got them some dang cute little coats and some other fun things, but we bought the little boy some baby etnies that were seriously adorable. I don't know why but I really love little people shoes. There is nothing like having traditions that help you remember what Christmas is truly about and for that I am thankful. Here's warm hearts and hands/feets/bodies where you're at. xoxo M

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On Truth Tuesday

Well this truth tuesday started out as a rough one.

As in one of those days you feel like "i hate being married and i'm angry and i am going to punch you and freak out" but then you accidentally say a few of those silly things and yell and holler and slam the bedroom door. Hard. Like so hard that part of your wrist hurt and then you instantly start crying because you didn't mean it and you are just stressed and need to drop out of school pronto but you know that isn't actually going to happen so you have small(large) freak outs instead?? I hadn't slammed the bedroom door like that before in our marriage or in my life. There was a part of it that was exhilarating for like a millionth of a second because it was dramatic and loud and shocking, and then you say in your head "you are going cray cray and being dramatic ended with the civil war. Idiot" needless to say it was an eventful morning at our house and I tell you these thins for two reasons, number one. so that you can judge me saying things like "oh no no no I am a way better wife!" or things like "someday when I am married I will neverrrrrr do thattttttt" (with long sounding words and shakes of the head) and that's ok! do those things just do it! and number two. I tell you because I am real. And although I love being married and I love life and I like all of the good things, bad things happen too, they just do. and to hide and pretend like it doesn't it just silly. Sillier than even slamming that damn door I dare say. My real question is "But what do the neighbors think??" I don't know any of them but oh would I like to know that.

I smell sort of like a grandma, not in a bad way. Both of my Grandmas smell lovely at all times, but since the only black shopping I did was online at I have been smelling all of the lovely samples. Ahhhhhhhhh I love samples. And smelling like a darling Grandma. One of my favorite activities even to this day is going through both of my Grandma's cupboards in their bathrooms and smelling every lotion, oil, perfume, cologne, spray, salt, scrub and any other concoction that I can get my hands on. I remember one day vividly in my head sitting on the floor with all of my Grandma Keller's perfumes out around me and really not smelling anything anymore thinking, "someday I will be a lady when I have a lot of lotions and perfumes" I think that is why I have such a plethora of those things even though I don't often wear lotion (though that's changing because this UT winter shizzz is literally making my skin fall off!) or perfume it is the nostalgia that comes with it that I like. That goes for makeup as well. My love of lipstick came directly from those two beauties.

Dutch is still alive. I think that is important to note. We still love him too. We even went on a mini va-cay and took him to visit Tippy and her Mr. since D had to go to SLC and Mr. Dutch. Button. Oh! He went to the door and whined each time he needed to go out! WHAT A GOOD BOY!! Then as soon as we came home he peed right in front of our door. Fab.

I am thankful today for the joy that reading brings me. I have been immersed in a book this past day and I have been thoroughly enjoying it. I haven't been able to read even close to the amount that I would like this past semester and there are few things that are as relaxing to me as getting caught up in a good story.

School is almost done for this semester. Then in January I will technically be a senior in college. That is a good feeling. Even though I probably won't finish early as I had planned I still am happy that I am this far because I can't not finish now I am just too close not to.

One last thing. You know my one professor that I do not entirely like? Well I am pleased to inform you that my class chose my paper to submit to a publishing company out of all of the other papers in my class. The reason that gives me so much joy is because I know it annoyed him that they chose me and it also annoyed him that I wasn't in class when they chose and that when I was in class the next time I didn't believe them and we all thought it was funny since i'm never even in the class. (but everyone should go to their classes regularly). It was a sweet victory in a small way I will say that.

That really is all I have today, other than has anyone else noticed that the Utopian land of Pinterest is all of a sudden becoming a little ugly? I keep seeing a lot of negative posts and mean comments and I sure don't like that at all. Love and Peace guys. And kisses.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On Truth Tuesday


Hello! I feel sad that my last post was so sad so the goal of this post is to not be sad at all!

I don't feel like talking about thanksgiving today so maybe I will another time, instead I am going to talk about other stuff. Let's begin

First of all, remember how a few weeks ago on a Truth Tuesday I said that I was considering deleting my Facebook? Well today is the day I am deleting it. I am posting this post on facebook for one hour then deleting it forever! Or until I have a baby HAHA! I know that sounds lame but really I have gotten to the point where I would really like to avoid any excess negativity and honestly all it is anymore is drama-rama and makes me sad/mad which is so dumb. Life just seems so much simpler without it and I am excited to stop stalking people. Except I am not deleting my blog or pinterest, I know that's lame but I love blogs and I really am enjoying learning a ton of fun new ideas from Pinterest.

Second of all I am so thankful that my best friend is my best friend. She is the only person who knows when I am having a bad/sad/mad day without me having to tell her, and since I don't like telling people when I am having a day like that it is really nice to have someone who just gets it. Especially when she lives in SLC and doesn't even talk to me or see me and just texts me and asks what's up. I just love her. I am so excited to see her on Saturday. It is long overdue.

Third, after the funeral on Saturday we decided to do something uplifting and happy and to help us appreciate our lives a little bit more. We went and cut down our very own Christmas tree! We hiked through the snow and everything, and we had to park our car way far down the road because poor little Jetta doesn't drive in snow we found out. Su-heeet! Anyway I actually took pictures for once because I wanted to document the moment, and it was tricky let me tell you. Mr. does NOT like pictures at all! He avoids them etc and gets all awkardy/fidgety and then my pictures are all wobbly and I chastise him and then we both want to strangle each other but since I was very good at HIDING what I was doing he mostly didn't know so here we go....

What a nice hiny riiiiiight??? Mr. thought I stopped so many times because I couldn't breathe but it was quite the cont-rare I was actually snapping up some pictures. That is him just walking up the side of a mountain with a chainsaw over his shoulder my very own brawny man!

Mr. Dutchsky was having a blastoid as well. Often he forgets that he is a miniature mastiff and instead thinks of himself as a real life big mastiff and loves to run and play and eat stuff outside. We paid for that later though...... and he threw up all over his kennel that night. What a charmed life we live *sigh*

I wanted to wear my pink sparkle shoes but D insisted I wear these Ogre/Hulk shoes instead. They are his old hunting boots and they were so huge and walking in snow that sometimes came almost up to my knee in those babies was about as awesome as a stair stepper

It was beautiful up where we were and it was nice to just contemplate nature and all of the beauty that is a part of our world. There is a lot of peace in beautiful things for me.

After walking up all the way to where we cut down our tree, Dutch refused to walk. He was soaking wet and I had to wrap him up in my coat and carry him the whole way down. Poor guy. He really is turning into our baby but he's a nice addition

There he is in all his brawny glory with the prize!

Then he carried the whole thing down with his chainsaw over his shoulder again. Sweetest right?

We definitely got a country Christmas tree but I am in love with it. It is so lovely and romantic and it is all ours. We got a ton of stuff to decorate the crap out of the tree and decided to keep it really simple and only use the bulbs we got and I'm glad we did. There is nothing as lovely as having twinkling lights in your house with pretty sparkly things all over for an entire month. I love it.

That is all for now lovelies,



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Saturday, November 26, 2011

On Living LIfe

The hardest thing about death is that the living have to keep on living-Anonymous

This is how I feel. On Tuesday a dear friend from work passed away unexpectedly. Her life touched so many others in so many ways. She was an amazing and strong woman and I will miss her.I hate death. I get angry and upset and I can't communicate my feelings and I just get so worked up because I don't understand why things happen sometimes. I am one of those people who wishes that after something like this, life could stop for a while but I know that wouldn't do anyone any good. Life is all about progression, either forward or backwards and I know I would rather be better tomorrow than worse than I was yesterday. Because I am not good at communicating my thoughts and feelings I created a blog so that I would be able to do that, so here are some things I really wish I could say but can't and don't know how and have no one really to tell them to, but I need to get them out,

Ginger: I will never forget the way you answered the phone when I would call you. I won't forget your beautiful smile. I won't forget all of the times you would make me laugh because you knew I was having a hard time at work. I will never forget our talks about life and all of the wisdom that you shared with me. I will never forget your humor and the way you could say things that nobody else could and it was ok because it was you. I will never forget your encouragement of following my dream and going to beauty school as well as encouraging me to stay in school when all I wanted to do was drop out. I will never forget all of your sarcastic remarks when you would come back to my desk or how we were always in the bathroom at work at the same time and how we would always talk there. I will never forget how when we were finally close enough I could tell you that you scared the crap out of me when I first met you and how you belly-laughed at that. I will never forget how you were such a good mom and worked so hard. I will never forget your compassion for others and how you could see through other people's eyes. I will never forget how smart you were and always knew something about about everything. I will never forget the twinkle in your eyes and the tone of your voice. Every day I will think of you and will feel blessed to have known you. Thank you for showing me the importance of living the life that you want and having a passion for what you do. I will miss you along with so many others. Love-


wish me luck for the funeral I am hoping I can handle it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On Truth Tuesday

Hello lovelies
I hope that on this Tuesday you are having a pleasant day before the holidays start. Not that holidays aren't really fabulous but you know, you need to gear up and everything. Like this evening for example we decided to take a pre-thanksgiving trip to have dinner with my parents and grandma for practice for this Thursday.

So let me give you a run-down, I was really excited to post my christmas-picture-wish-list, but then my darling cousin Kels posted hers today, and I'm not all the way done yet. So I was lame and didn't. I am going to though, the problem at our house is that we are strict on a budget and stick to it, which means scoping out sales and getting as many awesome things as possible within the budget while also getting things that was most wanted etc, unless that is you are the husband and then you decide a few days before Christmas what to get your present-obsessed wife for Christmas and instead of thinking about budgety things and wish list things you just start spending which then makes said wife kinda pissed. Yeah I know I know i'm ocd about this one though. Also my mom always asks what I want for Christmas and my parents are all about a budget also, but then when she asks me I say dumb things like costco toilet paper and socks and crap like that. But really costco toilet paper really is on my list...... anyway just stay tuned even if you don't care it is still fun to do

So remember that time I was in the bathroom all day. That day happened again today. Except worse and the lights went out and everything. Oh my life. I feel like this is teaching me humility, because really what is more humbling than not being able to leave a bathroom for a few hours? Not much, folks, not much. You are welcome for sharing that with you.

I also keep having a problem of forgetting things. Mostly it has been not too big of deal things, but today it was a pretty big one, after I came home from being sicky I decided to take a bath and found out I hadn't worn a bra all day. HOW THE HELL DO YOU FORGET THAT??!?! I shouted a few expletives then Mr. and I had a good laugh because really? Kind of a big one.

Another thing that has been happening at my house is that Mr. Dutch pulled my coat off of the couch the other day and then pooped on it, then the next day he walked over and sniffed all of our shoes and pooped on mine!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I almost killed him but he for sure learned to start whining at the door after that one. Sigh, I'm learning all about children through this I feel like yeah? (I know I know all you moms are saying "just you wait")

Both images via Pinterest

One other thing about Mr. Duth Button is that yesterday morning while I was still laying in bed and D was getting ready I heard Dutch keep whining and thought selfishly to myself "dang it I'm going to have to go fix that" but then D started talking to Dutch saying "what? what? Do you want in here? Is that it?" Sure enough Dutch stops whining because he was in the shower. Just like he wanted. We created a monster I'm afreaid.......

Today on our way to Preston we put in the original Phantom of the Opera. I seriously almost started crying like 7 times I was so happy. I grew up to Phantom and Les Mis, I can sing you both of the originals backwards probably, every part. Especially Phantom though, I love it, the first time I went to the actual opera I was 6. I love it. I wanted to be an Opera singer for a long time because of the Phantom. Mr. had never heard it before but he heard it to the fullest extent on our way there and back tonight. I just was pulled back to playing 'Designer Barbie' and Encarta listening to the entire Opera over and over again and fighting with Cassie because I never got to be the main character, (the woes of the youngest child) I just love it. I grew up lucky my friends, that I did,

That is all for this night,

loves hugs etc



Sunday, November 20, 2011

On small moments

Today as I write I am not interested in being humorous or insightful or inspiring. Instead, I am interested in frankly writing to remember. As most of you know I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Or LDS, or Mormon. They are all one and the same. I was born and raised in the church as was my parents. My sweet D however was not. When we had graduated high school and were both 18 he decided to take the missionary discussions at my house because I often spoke to him about the church and he just wanted to be able to understand what I was talking about. There were no intentions on either of our parts for him to join the church. Although I credit all that I am and all that truly matters to my religion, I did not want him to feel in anyway that he had to be a part of the church to be my friend/boyfriend. Would I have married him if he wasn't? Honestly no I wouldn't have. The church is too important to me for that, but at the time neither of us were too serious about anything like that. Although he differs on that a little, he says he planned on marrying me all along. He was baptized July 21 2009 and then on July 24, 2010 we went to the temple for the first time with my parents and were married August 5th 2010. As you know I often comment on our age in marriage because we were both 19 when we got married. Which also means instead of going on a mission like most LDS boys do when they are 19 my sweet boy learned what it meant really fast to pay bills and work a lot and we both learned about sacrifices together. There are times we both agree we would have liked him to go on a mission, but he didn't feel like it was his path at the time. I tell you this not as an excuse like some of you probably assume, but just so you understand. We both agree that missions are important, and they will be in our family and we plan on going on a mission(s) together when the time comes. This does mean however, that things that to me used to be everyday things are huge moments in my life, that honestly, I will not be able to describe with words that match the feeling in my heart of gratitude and love for Drew and for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for blessing me to be able to be a part of the little big moments. When Drew was baptized I never thought my heart would be so full of joy for knowing that he was making a decision that not only would change his life forever, but mine as well. Since then I have had that feeling multiple times but it has been strengthened and is so sweet I doubt I will ever feel that way probably until I have children. Then when he got his patriarchal blessing, and then when we went to the temple and got married. All of those things have been to us, huge occasions. Not that our experience is any more special than anyone else's but that it was so special to us, especially because it was not the norm to D growing up. My two favorites though have not been all of the above although they all hold a very special piece of my heart, and spirit in them. My very favorite was when I asked Drew to give me a priesthood blessing. Ironically when he went to basic training and tech school for the air force a return missionary in his group taught him and they often gave blessings to other men who were having especially hard times. It was only two weeks after he had been home, and I was having a hard time in school in work in life and just adjusting to him being back. I was so nervous to ask him to give me a blessing and I was worried he would say no or would be too nervous. Instead he said Ok and pulled up a chair. I will never forget the feeling that came over me as he gave me a blessing. Not because I had never felt it before, but because I had felt it so often from my Dad who gave us patriarchal blessing often. It was the fact that it was the same feeling that made it so special to me. My second favorite memory I think I will hold dearly was from today. At the beginning of Sacrament meeting someone came up and asked if Drew would be willing to bless the sacrament, we both looked at each other nervously, and D answered, "Well sure but I've never done it before" but the other guy just smiled and said "well will you try?" and Drew being sure smiled and got up and said "sure" and walked up to the bench. I on the other hand started praying from that moment until he came and sat back down. He did wonderfully and it was so great, especially afterwards when he winked and gave a very obvious thumbs up to me. He's so great. It has been so good for me to be reminded that so often the things I have taken for granted as "normal" and "regular" are so important and just how special it is, as well as those who are worthy to be able to do those things. My heart is very full and I am so thankful for a loving husband who is so willing to be a worthy priesthood holder and who doesn't shy away from those responsibilities. Love you Mr. Rockstar.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Stuff I bought Last week and my Party pants

Guys, lets do a little run-down scenario,

you go to class, then tell hubster to take good notes because you need to run to the restroom,
a half hour later while you are still in the restroom you text hubster out of boredom and he responds "oh you just woke me up"
then you remain in the bathroom for about 20 minutes longer
so you are in class a total of less than 15 minutes out of the 75. Great.
Then you go to your next class and tell your teacher that you have to leave early to give a tour of campus, then you decide to run to the bathroom first,
and end up not being able to give the tour,
and after a while,
the lights go out because it is motion detected and no one else has come in but you, but you aren't moving enough to get the damn thing to come back on again,
then you feel like crying, but remind yourself that if this were a reality tv show you would be laughing so you start laughing weakly instead,
then you call hubster and ask him to come get you
and then when you go out the light comes back on.
Humor. Yes.
What a great day that was on Thursday.
But to compensate for that true story, even though now I really am laughing about it, I decided to share some of my favorite things I bought while in Boise. I know, I know not too exciting, but shopping used to be my favorite sport while in Boise, then I moved to Logan and my new favorite sport became CSI and Criminal Minds. So you know I got a little excited/spent too much money/need to justify myself/couldn't handle it/don't regret it even now.....
so I thought I would just share some of my favorites because even though it is sad, I am one of those people who loves things, I love them and I hadn't really bought any "things" for a long time so I have been basking in the after glow ever since,

I tried (for the most part) to have reasons that I needed certain items that I bought, this for example, I freaking live in a freaking iceland tundra where my ears freeze every year so obviously I NEEDED this. I love bows and girly things too and there was a few others I liked but this one was my favorite, I wanted it bad and in this color so Mr. went and pulled it off of the display mannequin for me like the nicest and I was lucky because it was the last one they had in their whole store! SCORE!

This scarf I am in love with. It really does make a difference in the warmth factor and the berry color makes me want to swim naked in cranberries..... too much?? Anyway, I love it and I really want like 15 more. hint...hint...hint.... but seriously someone D/Family I would not be mad if someone gave me more of these

One of my favorite traditions (yeah it is a tradition to us!!!) that we do is that whenever we go to SLC or Boise it is a must to go to F21 and buy 1/3/25 pairs of earrings. I love jewelry but earrings are my very favorite. I love all things big, shiny and sparkly. Lucky for me D does too so he always helps me pick out the pairs I get, he is the sweetest about things like that, what is funny to note is that in my house growing up we were not allowed to wear earrings that were too big/long/shiny/sparkly or that basically were longer than an inch. When I was about 17 my Dad finally gave that one up with me because you just can't stop that with me. I can't wait to show him one of these pairs at Thanksgiving =)

Those are my feet. And yes although I am sad to say it, those are TOMS, not that I don't think the idea of TOMS isn't fabulous, but the reality of TOMS really isn't, besides that I am a cheapo and prefer to buy 3 pairs of shoes to the one pair of TOMS, but D's best friend is a manager at a shoe store and gives us the family discount so since these were a youth size 6 which means cheaper than regular adult toms, and also 30% off I just got them. And honestly as soon as I put them on I started prancing around the store telling everyone how happy my feet felt, so happy in fact I wore them out of the store. I just love sparkly things and for some reason pink is just kickin' lately

There you see is a small portion of my party pants. Look at that pattern! Literally, party. pants. You can't stop them. I just showed a small portion because unless you see them to believe it is probably hard to understand the magnitude of awesome that these pants have.

I also was going to show my new tiger sequin sweater but I can't show everyone everything that I bought and loved and I don't want to ruin my entire holiday outfit! Oh Yeah!

I also bought a lot of other things but I also don't want to highlight that occasionally it is not only my bladder/bowel (
That is all for now buds!
Hope you are having a fabulous day and you drink at least 1-3 cups of hot chocolate as it is a must for everyday health and good fortune,



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today in Dutchvilles

Today Dutch Button was being a crap head. And has continued to do so all day. He gets so hyper when we are gone and the days we are gone more are the days we are most tired. Ironic? Yes that is what it is for those of you who started thinking "is it? Is it ironic really or is it something else?" anyway we didn't want to put him in the kennel but we also didn't want him escapading around like a crazy so instead I decided to let him try something new

And yeah that definitely is us in the shower. e didn't freak out at all. Just snuggled right up to me and was quiet which is the only time he can claim that today. Freaking freaker.

That's our life
and we are just living it


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Truth Tuesday


Are we all impressed that I actually knew the right day and am blogging accordingly? Your welcome ;)

So anyway let's truth it up shall we?

While in Boise the main point in going was to recruit for Utah State (part of my fab scholarship). I went to Kuna, and Mountain View and did an open house that was at a hotel for all of the Boise schools. Sometimes I feel discouraged by the responsibilities of my scholarship and feel like i'm not helping or making a difference at all but I was so grateful for the opportunity to go to the open house because I had 5! FIVE! CINCO! (
Speaking of khakis, have you ever noticed that whoever created them also happened to create math? And most likely biology? And that they also are super boring humans? Yeah, those khakis, glad I get to wear them for my job and all of my scholarship events. Balllllinnnn oh wait.. boooorrrrrinnnnnng Can we please just make a dark wash trouser the new khaki? Whoever told every business that khakis were professional definitely lied and are now laughing about it because their business is doing waaaayyy better than all of the rest of us khaki wearing fools

you know how everyone is bandwaggin' on being grateful this month? I'm all for that and all but I said I was grateful for prayer and somebody else that is better than me must have also thought that but was praying the opposite of me, I was praying that the science building would start on fire so that I wouldn't have to fail my biology exam, which I basically did, instead of having to have a fire drill? WHAT IS THE DEAL?!?!

Yesterday I had that moment in every person's life where they have a lot of serious decisions that need to be made really quickly but that are important decisions that have long term effects. I was meeting with my advisor who told me I needed to slooooooowwwww down. Say what? I could graduate this semester with a few classes in the summer and then be donesy! (Until graduate school anyway) and while discussing it all, he said "well what do you want to do? you do like this major don't you? you do still want to go to graduate school don't you?" ughhhh, then there was this awkward part where a part of me wanted to say "well yeah, but you know I want to be a cosmetologist, but I also want to be a Disney Princess voice over, and I also want to be a rockstar and a novelist and a fashion designer and a lawyer and an icon and, and, and......" because all of a sudden I wasn't quite sure of all of the things I needed and wanted to do in my life and the fact I had to answer the question made it seem like I actually couldn't be Miley Cyrus if I wanted to be? HUH? so then I said to myself "rockstar" (for clarification i call myself that because it is a pun (the Bongiovi last name, ha. ha.) and I also secretly think i'm a rockstar....) anyway! "Rockstar, what do you want to do? Why are you trying to graduate sooner? Is it really what you want to do or are you just trying to be done? Have you taken all of the classes, and learned all of the learning and done all of the doning?" My Rockstar self answered, "Nay I am not sure that I have" so I have decided to slow down a little, take more classes that I just want to take and enjoy things a little, (LOT) more thoroughly. I think I grew up into an adult yesterday. I did what so many adults want to do, but I actually did it. So here is to enjoying this delicious life

and here's to you,



ps! I have decided that if I get 50 followers I am going to do a give away! I don't care if you think it's lame cause I don't! I think it's exciting! In fact I want to win but unfortunately it is against the ethics of this blog to do that. Boooo. Anyways get to stalking or whatevs then afterwards you can just take yourself off. But please don't. That would be really sad. Loves

Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Zombies and the Land of the People

My life for the past 11 days has consisted of the above. And will consist of more of the above for a long time. Awe-Some! Don't worry it is no big deal but how my body responds to medicine it has been making me pretty sick but it will be fine soon. I will continue to use the "acid reducer" and Citrucel basically my whole life until I no longer eat, or am dead. Whichever comes first? And yeah that one packet is definitely my BC I just added that one for the effect. Niiiiiiiice right? Shock factor!

One thing that was fun about the Dr's, well technically there were two things, the first was when the Dr. went through the list of "family health" and then asks at the end what does your family have etc... I literally responded "all of the above" my mom, (that was the second fun thing about the Dr's) said "oh, Megan" the exasperated tone very present, along with the heavy undertones of, 'please stop being so dramatic' but we all know I WILL NEVER STOP, and second of all, I wasn't being dramatic or exasperating at all, I even made the Dr. go through the list again and it seems I was correct, literally all of the above folks. Be jealous my family takes more pills than your family. Ha!

So that has been fun. I missed school on Tuesday for some of the aftermath effects of the medicine, (yeah, be jealous) and then we left Tuesday night through today and have been in Boise. I had to go visit two high schools in Boise and then do an open house for Utah State and both were successful. We also had our Thanksgiving early with D's family because we weren't going to be able to come down twice and I had to come this week so we had Thanksgiving with the White's on Friday and the Bongiovi's on Saturday. Lots of food and probably more weight. Ugh. I did manage to go shopping like 3 times as well and I got some fun things, I forgot how much I loved to shop (considering the excuse of a mall here) and I came home with some sweet scores like my party pants, sparkly pink girl Toms, a tiger sweatshirt and quite a few other things..... either way. A much needed retail upgrade =)

Anyway I am still alive and kickin' so sorry for leading you astray otherwise. More posts this week promise*



*Unless I don't then I didn't promise anything.....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the real day that is actually Tuesday.....

Guys, seriously? Seriously? NO ONE TOLD ME I DID A TRUTH TUESDAY ON A MONDAY?!?!?!!?
Come on! I kid you not, it was 4:26 this afternoon as I was driving up to my meeting for my meeting that I realized, "Today is my meeting, meeting is on Tuesday, yesterday was Tuesday, this doesn't make sense, damn it my head slowly said.... I did a truth Tuesday on a Monday and didn't even know it!" Yeah I really didn't know that yesterday. Shoot. But since I already did that I decided I would talk about our Halloween Festivities!

Our Halloween weekend consisted of two parties in one night!! We had been invited to both and we couldn't just go to one so we decided to go half and half. I am really glad we did because they were both so much fun with a ton of fun people! As you may have remembered I was suuuuuuuper excited for my costume, that is until it didn't actually happen. We were going to be dinosaurs!! My nephew B who lives closest to me loves them and I thought he would think I was the coolest if I was a dinosaur. Plus Mr. agreed to being a dino with me and that's like getting paid in happiness coins for a whole weekend to me! But then it got too complicated and I became angry and then we finally just decided to do stupid costumes that you buy at the store but all of the costumes I wanted didn't have any sizes for anyone older than 6?!? Whatev to you too consumerism halloween and the ideal that everyone wants to be sleazy for halloween. Not me! So we were getting a little desperate because both of the sweet halloween parties were dress up and we had to do it for work as well and Friday night after 11:00 wasn't giving us much fruit.
Then we found these beauties, (which will be shown shortly) and Mr. said "yeah I would wear that with you, that's ok" Well Hells Bells! So here are some pictures, not as good as dinosaurs but it was still a lot of fun!
Yep we were babies, matching babies :)

At the first Par-Tay with Kels as an old lady and Shay as Harry Potter/Hermoine really (I thought she was Brittney Spears from "Hit Me Baby One More Time" awkwardly people aren't dressing up as her......)

Then at the second party there was a picture stand set up so we had some fun with that

Here is a portion of the second group, lots of fun

This picture cracks me up so much, we said pretend that we are an awkward family like in the k-mart photos and all touch each other and smile weird, I think it turned out quite nicely

Since it is November, I would like to say Here's to the Holidays and for being thankful. I will also be taking part in the challenge of being grateful for something every day and letting everyone else know. Today I am grateful for this new little guy who has stolen our hearts. We decided a few weeks ago it was time to get another dog and that it would be part of our Christmas present to one another so here is our little Dutch

They are the best of friends already

We are very excited for Dutch to be a part of our family. He is so sweet and we adore the socks off of him. I hope that your Halloween was fantastic and that you had a beautiful first day of November that was the real Tuesday of this week.


Monday, October 31, 2011

On Truth Tuesday

This Tuesday is much more on reflection than anything else. Happy Halloween also before I forget and get started, but um, let's get started huh? I'm getting sleepy.

The reason I say that this Tuesday is a reflective one, is because yesterday was the two year mark since the day that I
1, Went ring shopping and picked a wedding date
2, Interviewed at Sports Academy
3, Forgot one of my best friend's birthday

These things are important for a number of reasons.
1. I went ring shopping and picked out a ring and date with someone who I was 10000000 times convinced I was going to marry, and, didn't. It does seem important to note that a year after this I had been married for 2 months and 26 days.
2. I did not get the job when I first interviewed, MB told me that if she had room later she would call me (yeah right I sighed.....) but I wasn't even concerned because I was going ring shopping that night, and then she did call me a few months later right at the right time and right when I had moved back to Logan after 1. and I were donzo. I have worked there ever since and don't know what I would have done otherwise I love those people there.
3. I never and I repeat never forget birthdays, but that day I was so caught up in myself that I forgot about someone who was so important to me and I am still sad about that

It is interesting to just think sometimes about things. I had my life planned out to a capital T. The person, the place the date, the kids' names and none of that happened the way I thought it would. Today I was talking to a dear sweet friend who has gone through an awful break up and talking to her I saw myself so clearly and felt so fervently what she was feeling just remembering how things happened. At the same time I couldn't help but tell her things would be ok. They really, always are. Even though I also wanted to punch myself in the face for saying that to her, but I needed her to know. I look at who I was then and who I am now and I know that it all happened for a reason. It always does. For all of us. I needed my Mr. and He needed me and me and (see number 1.) well we were close and pushed each other, but we weren't what each other needed, we were what each other already were. Sometimes things happen in life and continue to happen in life that people often think, why me? And what did I do to deserve this? Etc Etc but me and MB (see number 2.) were talking today and she in her wisdom said something so so true. She said "people always say that things make sense later in life, but I don't think that's true, I think that some things happen and we never really understand why they did, just that they did." It is important to realize sometimes in life that things happen. Things that are sad, and awful and heartbreaking and life threatening, and life changing and we don't know why. And I mean in every aspect of life and it all comes down to choice. We as the person have to decide how we will react and how we will continue to live and then keep going or not. If we don't we become bitter and angry and resistant to others, if we do, we become stronger and better and understanding of others. I remember when I felt like my life would never be the same. Even though I had made the choice to end everything I was so confused. Since then there have been times like that when I have felt like that too, that this isn't how it was supposed to be and that I couldn't keep going on, in one instant I didn't. I stopped caring about everything, myself, other people, life in general and I was a zombie hater. (It is probably a real thing that involves a creepy skin disease) Since then I am glad that I have learned instead to keep going. It is hard to keep going sometimes but I know it is worth it. In every instance. Just. Keep. Going.

Hopefully some of you can relate to this. If not it is ok too.

love you readers.



Sunday, October 30, 2011

On: Hi Guys!!


Remember on Tuesday I was going to blog the next day and then remember that I didn't? I know, I know I'm the only that noticed.... anyway lets just talk huh? I decided I would take this time to high light some good things and add a few pictures along the way

So I have been trying to get crafty and it is intimidating to me a little. I am one of those people that takes a while to be able to do something cool like everyone else on cough*cough* pinterest cough*  Anyway I did get a little desperate and do some hard core crafting (ok not at all hard core but for me so hardcore I can't hear) I made this wreath......

And I also made this festive fall table adornment. I painted those pumpkins they aren't sweating, and It all sparkles, which i'm a fan of.
 Ok let me be honest, I am pretty proud of this table arraignment because I don't do things like this........
 My Darling was also gone for days and days and days...... and we have this new tradition where we get mugs from places we/he goes on trips so he brought be back these two lovelies. The reason is because I have hot chocolate every. single. day. But seriously like clockwork, but I don't like to make it because I can't make it taste right, nesquick is touchy let me tell you, so my mom used to make it for me and now Mr. makes it for me so I like lots and lots of big fatty mugs for lots of chocolate. 
 My Sweet Chicken also brought home these pretties and even though they look bad because of this lighting, they are lovely. Even now they are still beautiful and he picked them out all by his lonesome because he knew how sad I was while he was gone. Sigh, he's a charmer.........
And this DARLING vintage necklace from my fabulous sister Hollie. She is so sweet to me. She has a fab business btw if you're interested in looking through some of her things, she got this for me at an awesome wild-hare faire that I was so sad I missed. What a peach.

Anyway not that this is super fantastic but all of these things have made me quite happy, and have continued to make me happy. And I will admit me and Darling went to a few stores last night and bought a lot of things for some crafts I have been hoping I will successfully make. Wish me luck,



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

On:Truth Tuesday

fall. in. love.

hello there darlings!

I hope that today has been a good day for all of you. I can say it is much better for me now that lovely man child is home.

That picture is from Pinterest. I think pinterest is cool, mostly because I am reminded non-stop that a lot of people have good ideas but i'm sure glad that someone had the idea to put them all together so that people like me can try them, or at least have a little motivation to think up some things ourselves. I am not addicted though I can say that in a relieved way because I was worried I would be so I try to limit my interest. thank you very much

Oh fall....... sigh......
can I just say I freaking hate fall? I always have and thought I always will/would, but I don't! This summer I saw myself in the fall and here I am and I am happy to be here. Normally I am not interested in colder weather or anything changing, (yeah i'm one of those people) but this year, honestly I am more than more ready for some change. A lot of things actually, there are a lot of things that need to be better, and can be better and I am ready for those things to start getting better.

I am loving pumpkins, and the nice smell from my scensty and the harsh wind in my face and the beautiful leaves changing.

I am also very excited about my costume. Mostly because I believe I am the only person who would decide to be this and be excited and even though it is going to look lame and homemade I will also be the one person who will not be ashamed but will be proud to wear it! PROUD I SAY! poor mr. though, since I convinced  him he really had no option in the matter but to match he may be one of those people who is not happy with the arrangement. Regardless when you see the pictures you must, and I say must tell me how fantastic they are whether you believe it or not ok?

Sometimes I wonder if I love beautiful things too much. I am a compliment a holic. I don't want things that other people have though I'm not one of those kinds, just the kind that loves diamonds and lipstick and high heels and nicely done makeup and luxury cars and decorated deserts and jewelry and flowers and good looking people and interesting things etc etc etc. Sometimes I worry that maybe it is annoying to other people because I didn't know I did it until my cousin featured me on her blog for my birthday (she is the sweetest) and one of the 21 (21! Twenty one?!?! TWENTY ONE?!?!?! PANIC!!) facts about me was that I give out compliments like candy I think she said and then I noticed I really do, like non stop. And not just to people I know, I'm one of those people that in the middle of a conversation with someone about their work out routine who I don't know that I will comment on their socks because they have a nice pattern.
Which then brings me to another awkward thing about me, I remember almost everything, seriously, I can remember things I have asked to random people, and people I met one time, or people who I have never met but saw their picture once or just a random conversation from somebody that they forgot they told me, and then I tell it back to them. Damn. That is so awkward but I really forget that. These two things can also become awkward together because I have to remember to suppress the urge to tell people the first time I saw them at a grocery store and how I remembered their earrings but I really like their wedding ring and that they had the same purse then too........ if I ever do this to you I apologize. I forget a lot about that problem.

I believe I should stop now. Let's hope that tomorrow I will blog again because I am going to try. Even if you don't actually hope so I do because I want to.

Sleep well dudes


Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday Thank You


Last week I didn't but just thought that Saturday was Thursday and it got real messy so rather than try to explain that to everyone I gave it a rest and decided this week it was. So drum roll please........

To my NatBat. I really freaking love you. We met at work me and this girl who looks like a pixie is amazing with anything she puts her mind to and hates children (she's fascinating!) But really as soon as I started working at SARC Nat became a really important part of my life. She helped me learn she was my friend and she would swear and tell me dirty jokes which no one else could quite understand.... (apparently it is a 'not from utah' type thing) anyway Nat thanks for being the best friend I have that isn't from "home" you have been there for me so many times to listen to me whine, worry and just talk to. Thank you for being one of the only people that I can really and genuinely talk to and be myself around and that you never judge. I love you for that so so much. Thank for you my birthday present and for always being so thoughtful, not just of me but of everyone. I just want you to have a kid so bad only so that my kid could marry him/her :D I really don't know what I would do without you because I think you are literally one of the most genuine and smart and funny people that I know. So here is to you dear friend,


Thursday, October 20, 2011

When My Home's Away

My life is really boring when I am homeless. Like really. I eat hot pockets and don't wash my hair and then when people talk to me I talk a whole lot more than I should like I've never been spoken to before and was never taught the social cues of "stop talking now" it really is awkward for everyone and I always realize that a little too late. Damn you social cues! Damn you!
Anyway my Mr. is gonesy, has been since Tuesday (basically Monday considering the hour of the day) and not coming home until late Sunday night. I don't like it one bit. Nope. But yes be proud so far I have not purchased any animals. Yes, Yes I am that good.
Ok remember how I was talking about social cues? I feel like that is happening now and people are reading this thinking that. sigh.
Here is something though for real, ever since I have been married I haven't really felt like I have a "home." There was this strange displacement which I'm sure a lot of you get because it is weird to not live with your family anymore but to not really have a place of your own and to not really know what to do with all of that is strange.
Our first apartment was a little basement apartment in a really old house. I liked it minus the gargantuan spiders, that really was a deal breaker, oh and the white supremacist neighbor was a little hard for me too. Regardless we always had a lot of our stuff packed up and in boxes and it was never all the way settled, then we moved to the apartment we are in now last minute so I had to unpack everything alone because D had left and even now we still have things packed up and in boxes.
What I am getting at here is that it is hard to feel like I don't have a home. Especially now because my parents moved here and even though they still own their house in Boise it's never going to be "home" to me again. I just really want something that is concrete in my life. I know a lot of people feel that way in a number of ways but sometimes it drives me crazy. I want to have a place to put everything, and I want to not have to move all the time, and to have a set life. Right now anything could change in a heartbeat. Just like D's job he got a call to leave for 6 days three days before and although it is exciting and interesting it sometimes just makes me so uneasy. It is also bad because if I don't feel like something belongs to me it is hard for me to care so I don't decorate that much, i'm not good at cleaning or cooking and I sometimes feel like I live in this hell hole of a half world where i'm going to wake up and have a wrap around porch and a really long drive way lined with trees. that doesn't happen to everyone else? But then I also feel guilty because there is this part of me that knows that I should be cooking and cleaning and decorating and be a better wife. Someday let's hope I have a wrap around porch and a long driveway, and beautiful trees, and a really great cleaning service.....
I want a porch. I want fresh squeezed lemonade. I want a real coat closet. I want a large bookshelf. I want a fireplace. And I want a dog. I want to feel like I belong. The only time I do is when D is home and that adds some problems with that whole military business. So friends start praying that i'll find what i'm looking for ok? And that D. comes home sooner than it feels like for the sake of us all. And that I get fresh squeezed lemonade cause that is music to my whole soul.

Here's to the homeless and the lost and those flighty souls like me that only belong when they get caught by their love friend.

Come home now D.
Oh and bring me lots of presents cause you know I need them etc etc



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Truth Tuesday

I've been a real big whiny baby the past two days. I've been crying at CSI, Criminal Minds and during a weak moment, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Yeah I'm not sure about the last one either so let's not judge ok? I'm not sure why but ever since we got a phone call last Thursday seeing if the mister could go away for almost a week! ALMOST A WEEK 6 days!!!! And he left early this morning until late Sunday night. Yeah you're right, that does super suck. So yeah then I couldn't focus and I didn't do all of my homework and I bombed my (cough cough) biology test, and that means a bad day that's for sure. So let's hope that the next 6 days go by really really really quickly

In my weak moments I have been eating oreos and hot pockets.
I have also considered buying a kitten.
And a puppy.
And a full grown dog.
And reading a book.
And exercising (you know i'm getting desperate when......)

I even re-painted my pumpkin that I painted this weekend. That's sad.

Luckily this weekend happens to be our fall break, meaning we have one day off. Nice. But I don't have much more homework and I plan on reading a few books, going to pocatello and attending an Indian Lights Festival. That should be fun. :)

the biggest truth this tuesday is that this post super sucks.

m k have a good one


Sunday, October 16, 2011

On the "F" Word:

It is no secret that I am passionate about one thing. That is equality and ending violence against women. I have no qualms about saying that I am a FEMINIST (hence the "f" word, clever right?) A lot of people think that being a feminist is a bad thing because there are a lot of negative connotations that go along with it. I am NOT  a man hater, (I think we all know that, i'm basically so sickening in love that everyone probably wishes I was...) I shave my legs, (although not as regularly as the Mr. would like i'm sure) and I love makeup! My problem is how women are objectified so frequently in our media regardless of what product the company is trying to sell. There is Milk, Aryby's, Burger King, Carl's Jr, Shoes, Clothes etc etc you follow? The other problem is that by objectifying women we are causing multiple problems, we are showing women that "beauty" is unachievable because the beauty we are shown is not actually real, it is also teaching men to expect a certain kind of beauty and women can't reach it and men can't either. We are teaching people to view women as "things" which encourages violence against women because it is easy to detatch ourselves and  not see the women but instead the object. I am currently working on my certificate in Women and Gender Studies, which is more than a minor and shows on your degree. It is something that I would do as a major if it were offered at Utah State. If you haven't watched the documentary called "Killing Us Softly" I would encourage you to do so. I have seen it twice now and it is phenomenal. Below are a few advertisements that I pulled from Google, please don't be offended but please do be outraged for all of us. 

And I used to like Burger King. Are you kidding me?

This one literally makes me nauseous 

Milk? Seriously

No face=no woman=object

Again no face=no women=object

Literal Objects

This advertisement makes my blood boil and I will NEVER own a BMW 

This is scary, this is a real advertisement encouraging violence against women

Arby's? Really?

We have all seen the Axe body wash commercials and they are disgusting

Read the caption on the left page 

As a literal object

And D&G yes, this is supposed to be depicting a date rape

Please, for the sake of ourselves, our children and our society let's do something about this?