Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Truth Tuesday:Blunt Style

We are exhausted here at the Bongiovi house. Seriously. Thursday evening around 5:30 D called me at work to say that we needed to drive to Boise, that night. I started throwing a huge fit and saying I couldn't just drop everything and get work off, he said we needed to go, we were needed and he felt like we should. I said "think about it more and call me back" He called back at 5:45 and said again he felt like we needed to go. So I called my boss(es) and they let me go bless them both. The reason for this fanatic trip was that Drew's Brother in law's uncle was missing. That seems a little hard to follow but go ahead and do it and then keep reading. Drew knew this uncle and has worked on his brother in law's (and his family's) ranch and is very close with his family as is D's Mom and step-dad and Dad and step mom. They were all very distraught and needed help looking and working on their ranch. So, away we went. Poor D who had been up at his regular 3:00am Thursday morning drove to Salt Lake and back and then all the way to Boise and didn't go to bed that night/morning until 1:30am. Then all day Friday and Saturday we were down at celebration park looking for a body. Awful. I have never had to do something like that, and hope I never have to again. I didn't even know Kevin and yet I was still an emotional roller coaster and trying my hardest to be brave. They still haven't found his body. He was fishing and they think he fell in. So sad. He was 51. I have also never had such a strong sense of gratitude for my knowledge of the plan of salvation. No one in their family is LDS and are all having a very hard time. I can't even comprehend what it must be like to think you will never see someone in your family again. Heart breaking. The next thing for this truth day is that i'm so sick of all the fake people. Seriously the older I get the more fake the people around me are getting. It's annoying and makes me want to punch people. I wish that us, as humans would stop trying so hard, stop comparing, stop trying to prove something to each other, to calm down and to just be. The more people start trying to act "different" the more I want to stop being their "friend," I'm all about people being themselves and having differences, but I'm sick of all of the fakeness. so please stop. There is so much time that is wasted as well as effort and I for one would much rather be surrounded by open, honest and real people. That is all. xo M

Thursday, March 22, 2012

11 Tagged/Random/Stuff

I'm sure a lot of you have been reading these tagged posts and now I've been tagged and soon some of you will be too! So here goes, Here are the rules: 1. Post these rules. 2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things. 3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post. 4. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people to answer them. 5. Go to their blog/twitter/facebook and tell them you've tagged them
1. I really love pretty things, what constitutes pretty in my eyes is normally something that is sparkly, glittery, shiny etc. For example I have a wreath on one of our walls that is entirely covered in glitter, I have like 15 glitter covered candles on our TV stand, every picture frame in my house has some sort of glitter/sparkle/shiny aspect, I also have a weird standing branch thing that is covered in glitter. I just super love it. A lot. Someday I will probably have a painted wall of glitter, poor D. 2. I get sick a lot, it used to be a bummer but these days I mostly just think it is funny, I'm always snuffling, sneezing, nauseous or something. Due to my genetics everyone in my family has basically no immune system, so we all get colds/flus often, we all happen to be high stressed and so have irritable bowl syndrome. In some ways it's nice because we all get together and can compare what medicines we are on or what we've tried. 3. I love crime tv shows, Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS are my favorites, but I can watch any of those shows for hours seriously, I have always liked them but when Drew was gone I would watch them every night until like 3:00 in the morning. I once read someone say that watching those shows alone was the scariest thing and that made me feel like a freak, because it doesn't scare me that much, instead anytime I hear a noise or think someone is going to break in I think of all the things I can use as a weapon. Serious. 4.I am now an animal person, I have always liked animals but after having Baby Rockstar and now Dutch, I think I will probably always have a dog. It amazes me how perceptive they are and so smart. I've always had animals but never one that I was with as much as I am with Dutch, he is my little buddy. I once said to Drew, "I can't wait until Dutch can start talking," and then we both started laughing out of control because I was SO serious and didn't even think about it. 5.I love to be barefoot, that is one thing I miss the most about living in Idaho, when I was little I used to run around barefoot all the time, I remember once we were playing tag in our field and I ran through and entire patch of goatheads and didn't realize it until one poked me in the side of my foot, my feet were that tough then. I just don't like to wear shoes that much but I love to buy them. When I got my Vibram five finger shoes I was worried because I had been reading about them and it said that a lot of people had to adjust to them for months before they could actually wear them because their feet weren't used to using the muscles in their feet, but my feet didn't need adjusting at all, I would wear those shoes every day if I didn't look like such a weirdy 6. I'm so grateful that we have memories, I was thinking about this the other day realizing how many things have changed with life as i've gotten older, but it is nice to have memories and to remember all of the good things even though things have changed. 7. Babies are literally the coolest invention I've ever seen. One of my best friend's here just had a perfect little boy and I got to go and see him and hold him and was just struck by how amazing it is that our bodies are able to create other bodies that are perfect. They have perfect fingers and toes and eyes and ears. So darling. And I think that is probably the most advanced technology ever, I just think it's so awesome. (No not baby hungry, just amazed that's all) 8. I want an old house. Seriously, we have been looking at houses now for over 9 months and all I want is an old house. Luckily there are a plethora of those here in Logan, but they also happen to always have a thousand things that are wrong with them, like a cracked foundation, sunken roof, broken windows, wrong wiring, etc, etc, etc. It is funny because it would be so much easier to get a house if I just liked newer houses, but I have this fantasy of living in an old house with a huge porch and having a fireplace and lots of bookshelves and big trees and a hammock. The fantasy goes on and on but I hope that someday we actually get a house because I am so tired of all of these white walls and feeling like i'm living in a hotel with all of my stuff. I've lived in Logan now almost 3 years and I'm sick of apartments, the feeling has increased since my parents have moved here and haven't bought a house, it makes me feel displaced a little. 9. I love laughing, did you know how good it is to laugh? It is soooo good for you. I read a list of health benefits from laughing and have since decided I need to laugh more like I used to. Lucky for me I think i'm the funniest person alive so I laugh a lot already, and when I fail, SNL is always there to pick up my slack for me. 10.I love the mountains here in Logan. Seriously love them. I actually really like Logan itself, more and more it seems, when we went to Salt Lake this week we both were more than ready to go back to Logan and the slower pace we have become accustomed to 11. In the exact reverse of #10 I am SOOOO excited that City Creek is now officially opened! I have a feeling I will be in Salt Lake a lot more frequently these days. Questions for me from Kels 1. If you were a punctuation mark, what would you be and why? I would be an exclamation point!! Obviously I'm always very passionate about basically everything so I think it just fits. 2. If you had to be blind or deaf, which would you choose? I would rather be deaf, I wouldn't mind not hearing all of the negativity in the world but I would so miss seeing everything, especially D every day. 3. What is your dream vacation? I have about a million dream vacations, one includes going to a bed and breakfast by the ocean and reading a thousand books and eating delicious food and having no care in the world, the other includes going to a foreign country and seeing everything there is to see and going everywhere and experiencing the culture, obviously that vacation would be like 3 months or longer 4. If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would it be? I would still choose Dutch, he is my favorite. 5. If you had a theme song, what song would it be and why? This one is hard, I would say the song on Pride and Prejudice when she is walking and meets Mr. Darcy, there are a lot of emotions in that song and I just love it. So I choose that one. 6. Are you a morning bird or a night owl? Night owl no questions. 7. If you could live in a different time period, which would you choose? I would love to live in the 17th century. The clothes and jewels ahhh yes. 8. In the future, you have a child. If this child is a boy, what would you name him? If she is a girl, what do you name her? We already have names picked out but, i'm not telling baby names until I have a baby in my arms you know what i'm saying? 9. What are your top three most favorite holidays? I love my Birthday, Christmas and Drew's birthday. 10. How about your favorite restaurant? I love Bar De Nay in Boise, it has the best Salmon, it is in the basque district and is a distillery. I love it. Favorite here in Logan is Elements, they have delicious food and the atmosphere is lovely. 11. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child? Or as an adult. Whatever.My favorite costume has always been when I dressed up as pebbles when I was 3 I had a literal chicken bone in my hair so that tops the cake. Questions for YOU lovelies! 1. What is your favorite love memory, I don't care if you are married, or not or if it is from watching somebody else, whatever comes to mind. 2. What is your favorite thing for breakfast? 3. What makes you happy? 4. Who is someone that you look up to? 5. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be? 6. If you had to perform in front of a huge crowd (like over 50,000) what would you do? 7. If you were to work for a non-profit what would it be, (or what cause would you work for?) 8. What is your favorite "simple pleasure"? 9. Favorite Magazine/Book? 10. When are you/have you been the most proud/happy of yourself? 11. Would you rather cook or do the dishes? People I have tagged Tippy Missy Syd Kitten Ember Annie Laura Amie Whitney Sarah Hollie Kayla

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Truth Tuesday: Happy Birthday Drew Style

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DASHING HUSBAND! HE TURNED 21 TODAY!!! In celebration of my darling, I decided I would do some past birthday pictures in commemoration. One thing that is funny to both of us, when Drew and I dated on/off/on/off/on etc in high school, and it was mostly a secret anyway, I decided I wasn't going to talk to him anymore. I lasted a whole month and a half, I wouldn't answer the phone, the texts, would ignore him when he tried to talk to me, and avoid him at all costs because I did NOT want to be caught in his web, I was doing soooo good too, until it was his Birthday, and I wasn't paying good enough attention, and I ran straight into him and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" i'm such a sucker for birthdays, and it was history from there. Now we are married and he gets all of the benefits of a married man. I.E. having me wake up with him at 3:30 and constantly singing birthday songs from primary until I couldn't sing anymore! Then he also came home to a four-pack of root beer! Nothing says "I'm freaking 21!!!" Like some glass bottled root-beer. Nice.
Birthdays 2010, 2011 and now 2012!!! Last year it just so happened that Drew graduated from Basic Training/Boot Camp two days before his birthday so I got to be with him on his birthday which was awesome since he had been gone for two and a half months and we hadn't talked more than 10 minutes at a time per week up until then. Talk about a happy birthday! Today Drew went to work but was allowed to get off early and he came home and we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with my parents. Then my Mom and Dad and my sister and nephew came over for trifle and presents. Considering D got money to buy his handgun, concert tickets to Escape the Fate, and a lot of other fun stuff I would say it was a pretty successful birthday. That's all, I got to go snuggle my birthday dude. xoxo M

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I married a good dude and my half birthday

So I realized I never wrote about the celebrations of my half-birthday! I babysat my nephew the day before and my sister and he brought me cupcakes from this adorable little shop here in Logan. Not only that but when I opened the door to my apartment he said "Happy Half Birthday Megan!" (They practiced that one a lot because it was pretty hard to comprehend for him about something like a half-birthday, I will teach him though) Promptly after his mom left he said "Megan, I NEED some cupcakes!" Donzo, that kid is after my own heart, seriously. Drew was gone on my half birthday but brought me home some Juicy Couture perfume, it smells yummy, and My dad also bought me some flowers. So sweet. Most of you are probably thinking, what the heck? Don't these people know half-birthdays aren't real? Well the answer is that yeah, they would all agree with you, but since I don't, they all humor me. It's fabulous! Now let's move on to my young good looking accomplice who also happens to be my boyfriend, best friend, and husband. Last week I came home from work and these roses were on the table. Now, I will admit my sweet dude sends me flowers quite a while when he is gone, but not as much when he is home. I said "what are these for?" His response "I just haven't gotten you some flowers for a while so I saw the flower shoppe and thought I should get some for you." Yep he really is THAT good. They are beautiful. I am a red roses type of girl, (and all other types and colors of flowers girl for that matter) but I love the dark dark red rose. I am spoiled, that I am. Here is another thing though, he has such a good heart, seriously sometimes it amazes me. He was supposed to leave on Saturday morning at 4:00am, but it got changed to Sunday morning, Friday afternoon one of our neighbors across the street knocked on the door, (I was at work) and asked Drew if he could jump her car since our parking spots are right next to each other, he tried and it wouldn't start. He told the girl he thought it was her starter and apparently she started freaking out about money, she would have to get it towed etc etc. Now I don't blame her because yeah the situation was a sucky one, but then Mr. Bongiovi said, well I can try to fix it if you want. Of course she said yes since it was FREE and he told her where to get a starter etc. She also proceeded to tell him that she would be on a date that night with her boyfriend so he could work on it then and he said "I can't tonight, it's date night with my wife" (such a good one!) and told her he would work on it in the morning. So yesterday morning consisted of Drew working on her car for a good 4 hours, replacing her starter, figuring out it wasn't her starter, putting her other starter back in, and going to the auto parts store to test her battery and old starter etc etc. Then he figured out it was her engine, he's good, but he's not quite that good yet, and told her. Bummer for her and a little annoying for me, (I'm a brat ok?) But I was also so proud because he really does have the biggest heart ever. Not to mention I got an awesome awkward moment out of the whole thing, (I super love those) where I was outside and he was outside working on her car and she came out to leave and we met and she proceeded to tell me she was a beautician and can also do waxing so if I ever needed one let her know.....ummmm? Waxing from a girl I've never met who is letting my husband fix her car on our Saturday morning? Probably not my first choice out of her services. But she was nice. Another thing, Mr. Bongiovi turns 21 on the 20th. Yeah it is a pretty big deal at our house. But I am at a loss of what to get him/what to do for him! So seriously give me some ideas! I love birthdays and want to make his day extra, extra special! Hope you have a lovely day, xoxoxo M

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A really Pointless post

You know what is a strange thing? For boys that you dated to be married/getting married. It probably seems more strange that I am writing this considering that I am married, but I don't really think so. You see, I dated lots and lots of boys but there were a few that swore we were going to get married. I always smiled, and entertained the thought, but I really never believed it. I imagined it, weighed pros and cons for the future, and then didn't think much of it after and sent them on their way (missions, yes priceless I know) What I never really thought through is that they would grow up as I grew up and would get married as well. It is weird because I really always thought they would stay, 17, 19, 20, as I left them, and yet they are now older and getting married or already are married. It is not that I am affected by it in anyway other than I am happy they are happy and it strikes me as odd that I never thought it through that they would get married and grow up too. Strange, but I am glad happiness surrounds all of us, XO M

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Here I am, another Tuesday night just living it up at home. Actually these days staying up past 9:00pm is considered living it up at our house. Drew is gone for the night and won't be home until tomorrow, and I am not quite tired enough to sleep. He did inform me tonight that on Saturday instead of going to Europe like he thought, he got switched to a different trip to go to Virginia, *sigh, I love Virginia! Honestly it almost made me more jealous than when he told me he would probably just end up going to Hawaii like always, (yeah what a bummer....) I'm just glad he gets to have cool experiences with his job and he keeps our bargain of bringing me home a present from wherever he goes. Not too bad for either of us. Although I in NO way regret my decision of taking a break from school, I would be lying if I didn't admit that everyone going awesome places for the next week(s) isn't making me want to just hop on a plane to anywhere. So I need to lose some weight. I've briefly mentioned this a few times, but mostly in like a "this part isn't important so move on to the next part of what i'm saying to save us all from the embarrassment" type of a thing. Well I have started to become a lot more committed than in the previous months. The cause? Aside obviously from health/pride benefits, I thought two weeks ago I was pregnant (this happens a lot in my life, no not because I don't know what BC is, but because i've never had to worry about it before so even at the slightest chance I have a huge meltdown, poor D.) anyway and as selfish as a person that I am my first two thoughts that I cried the hardest over were #1.It will be so much harder to lose this weight after a baby!!! and #2. I REALLY WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND! Yep. That is the truth, as Drew was trying to get me to calm down repeatedly asking me what I was thinking, and I explained this through heaving sobs, he started laughing right in my face. Serves me right I agree, but still, he just smiled and said if you are pregnant you're supposed to be pregnant, we'll figure it out, and if not lose the weight and we'll go to Disneyland! See I've never been there, and I have a few OVERLY obsessed people at work who seriously have gone multiple times since I have worked there and I think I have caught their bug. I really, really want to go. So our plan is to go in the next few months when D doesn't have a trip and I can get work off and away we'll go! So now I'm basically a health buff, actually still not at all, I have been working out consistently and have started drinking smoothies with spinach and fruit in them though, surprisingly I think they are really delicious. It all happened when D. was in California this weekend and I was stuck on the couch watching infomercials at 7:30am about juicers etc. Those things are the death of me, seriously. But I have decided that the only way to make progress is to document some of my progress and to be accountable and what better way than this blog? Not much I believe. Today I watched the KONY 2012 video and was amazed. Seriously. I love the cause and am so sad I am just learning about it. If you haven't already seen it, PLEASE, go watch it. Seriously life changing for us, and for those that need our help. Loved. xoxo M