Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Truth Tuesday

It's that time again! Truth Tuesday! Woop Woop! So let's start chatting shall we? I have decided to add some pictures from last week/this week to some things up.
So my hair is taking on a blonde hue, and has finally gotten a little thinner! Thank goodness! It has gotten so, so heavy lately since I haven't been thinning it consistently like I used to and it feels SO much better now! Yay! Someday it will finally be really blonde, like for real blonde and that will be exciting! Changing my hair makes me feel free, like a chance taker. Yeah that seems silly but I think hair has a lot of power in your mood and energy and every now and then a great cut or color can change a lot about a person's attitude about their life and the response that they get from other people. I love it. Did you see that family nap picture? That is us on the weekends poor D gets so tired by the weekend that we do a lot of sleeping, or he sleeps and I lay down and try to keep Dutch calm while D catches some Z's. I just love our little family. Remember how we bought a house? We did, and I am SO excited, but i'm also SO nervous that something will go wrong and we won't get it. Because of that Mr. Bongiovi and I agreed that we wouldn't put any pictures or anything up until we know that it is ours with keys in hand. So not until June 8th can I put up any pictures! AH! But here are some things I will tell you about our house. The outside is really freaking ugly. I HATED it when I saw the picture. Here is the thing, when I made an offer on the first house that I really liked that Drew didn't like it had all of the things I was looking for. It was OLD! I LOVE old houses, so so much! I have wanted an old house for my first house forever. I just think there is something so charming and lovely about living in a house that has a history. Drew on the other hand realized that, that house was built in 1886 and that he would not live there and I was so bummed! BUMMED I tell you! There was claw tub, little windows above every door in the house, a spot that we could have added a lovely window seat for all of my reading pleasure and then NO! That was a hard thing for us to compromise on because we could have bought a brand new house, and me being the weirdo I am did NOT, want a new house. I just wanted something that was more charming and homey. Then we found our compromise. The house that we are now (hopefully) going to own soon! The inside has all been completely re-done. All of the floors are new, all of the cabinets in the kitchen, the lights and the bathroom. EVERYTHING inside is new. But it also has the charm of an older house with the original fireplace, big open windows in the front and is in a neighborhood that is established but perfect. I am just hoping and praying that it works out because we are both so enchanted by the house. The fortune was from last week. The ironic thing was that the day that I had that fortune was also the day I was doing just that. It was the day I was telling my boss that I had decided to go to beauty school. So there it is, I am starting in July and I am SO excited. I just can't wait to do what I have been wanting to do for so long that now I am FINALLY doing. I'm stoked the Bachelorette is back on. I don't care if you like it or not, I do! I didn't start watching it until we moved here and we love it. Every season we love to make fun of everyone and add dialogue and the dumb drama that it includes. This season however, I think Emily is darling and I hope that she gets a good guy even if it doesn't last that long. Can I say one thing? I really hate hats on girls. Seriously. I think I have seen like 5 people famous/not that I have seen wear a hat that doesn't look like an idiot. Ugh I just want to yell at girls when they wear hats. Sometimes I get it, you throw on a hat and you pull up a pony tail. Or you are at a rodeo. Otherwise please stop. They don't compliment anyone's face shape, they hide it, they are awkward and they make me think of starting it on fire. I know it's awful and mean of me to feel this way, but today I saw my neighbor, who is a really cute girl, wearing this weird fedora thing and I just had to bite my tongue so that I didn't tell her that the best thing she could do to improve her day would be to trash her hat. Sigh. To each his own. I will say I have a few exceptions to this rule, I love the huge hats you would wear on a beach that DON'T cover your face and I also love the huge hats that are worn at the Kentucky derby. I'm an extremist what can I say. Have a wonderful day, xoxo M

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Exciting things are happening!

Today is an exciting day! We officially will be moving into our new home in June! Let me give you a run down, Drew left three weeks ago, and then the following Monday I went into a house, really loved it, and made an offer.... by myself, and Drew hadn't seen it, then they came back with a counter offer, D came home and said "What the?!?!? We are NOT buying this house!" I was sad, so sad. Then, another house came on the market and Drew and our Realtor/Big Brother/My boss/you get it went and saw it, came back and made an offer. And yeah I hadn't seen it. In fact I didn't see it until TODAY, which also happens to be AFTER, we signed all the papers and paid for the inspections ect. Luckily I went in and was SOLD! Which also happens to be REALLY lucky, considering we BOUGHT it. Whew. Now I'm so excited to move!!!! Exciting thing of my life number two, I am going blonde again. Although that might not be THAT exciting, it is to me! I love changing my hair and trying new things with it since I have no pictures in the recent future so that means I'm going platinum! Last time I was going to go platinum I ended up getting engaged and went back to my regular brown for our wedding and pictures. I'm excited to see how it turns out! This weekend was Mother's day! I love mother's day. I love my Mom and Drew's Mom and Drew's Step Mom! We are lucky to have three very different women who are all so great and have affected our lives in wonderful ways. We love you ladies! But we already told you that this weekend. One thing that was different about this mother's day, was that it was the first time I ever realized how close I am to getting to celebrate the holiday for myself! No that's not an announcement, but this year I was sitting holding my best friend in Logan's baby who turned 2 months old that day. He is darling and smiled at me all during sacrament and there was a very large part of me that slightly wanted a mini-me/drew. Motherhood is one of the most amazing things in the world to me, it amazes me how a baby can transform a woman into a "mother." There is such a transformation, in tenderness, feeling, love, spirituality, and overall as a person. Although the idea of becoming a mom is one of the scariest things I can think of, but also one of the most rewarding and just makes things full circle.Although it is scary, I also feel very humble to think that someday I will be able to raise little me's and d's and to have such a huge impact on their lives. I hope I do ok! So, to all of you to mother's continue being the best you can be, it makes all the difference. The future is looking really good for us right now, a lot of things have been falling into place which we haven't expected and is just working out somehow and we are so grateful that it is. These changes are all getting to be so exciting for us! Hope you had a lovely Mother's day, and a great day today too! xoxo M

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Today I am sad that Maurice Sendak died. The writer of "Where the Wild Things Are." on of my all time favorite books when I was younger and still to this day. I liked the idea that all things "wild" had a place to be. When I was little I always thought I would have fit in very nicely with the monsters. I loved them and their wildness. When the movie came out I was planning on going to it the opening day, for some reason or another I kept putting it off until it was finally at the dollar theater, and it was the day I knew that I would never marry who I had thought for sure I would marry since I was 15. Mr.Bongiovi came with me to the movie while I sobbed from the opening credits well past when we were done. That whole movie just made me think that there was a certain place that I would need to be in my life and a certain person who I needed to be with and it just so happened he learned all about my wild and craziness through our relationship, my relationship with someone else and then finally with him again. It is nice how things have a way of coming full circle. I hope Mr. Sendak is happily reuniting with past friends and family members as he travels along on his new journey. Let's talk about my weight! Ok! I hate that I have a "weight" issue, but I keep finding the more I am open about it, the less excuses I can find for myself. So far I have lost 9 pounds. Although to me it seems like a lot, I know that in reality I have a long way to go. I have been doing Insanity and have been going to the gym with my best friend in Logan Hailee. It is amazing how staying that the gym longer than an hour is so easy when we work out together. We talk non-stop and it is awesome. I keep trying to stay positive about everything and I am continuously amazed by what our bodies can do. The other day I was thinking if I was unable to use my legs what I would want most to do, and the first thought that came into my mind was to run. I don't really like to run, but I CAN run. I can do anything with my body and that is an every day blessing that I often don't realize. I can't believe how much exercising makes an impact on my mental state. I feel like I have accomplished something, I feel strong, and proud and happy, and as cheesy as it sounds, that I can do hard things. I like that feeling. There are a lot of times that I feel like I haven't made enough progress or that I can't do it or that it's not worth it, but I don't want to give up. So, if you know me, don't let me give up. I am trying to create a lifestyle, not just lose weight. Drew is home, home, home! He came home a half day early and we went to our favorite restaurant, got a babysitter for Dutch and went to the anniversary inn! I freaking love that place. I really, really do. It is so nice to have him home for a while before he leaves again. My life seems really empty without him in it. Being insecure bothers me. I realize that everyone has insecurities but I wish that we didn't. Sometimes I wish insecurity was a person so that that I could punch them in the face. I think it would just make me feel a lot better. Probably not though because then I would feel guilty, regardless, you know what I'm saying? Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself and can name a thousand things that I am bad at, or don't know or should do more or better of, and then it seems like I can't even name one thing that I am good at. I haven't always felt this way and I am trying to be better at not being so hard on myself. Have I mentioned my sister is pregnant? She is, with number 3, and she is my closest sibling. I hope it's a girl. I love all of our nephews, but man there are a lot of cute baby girl things that I would like to buy for someone. And no, I'm not baby hungry, pretty much as opposite as you can get, I just like to spend money I think. Here's to you having a good night/day depending on when you read this, and here's to hoping the weekend comes sooner rather than later! xoxo M

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Truth Tuesday

Hey Guys Hey! So Drew has been gone for 10 days now and we have at least four to go. I'm about ready to blow something up. It is a little frustrating because a lot of the time when Drew leaves I feel like I have all of these things I want to do and have projects to work on, or I am the exact opposite and all I want to do is cry and sleep. Which depending on your perspective could also be considered productive? I feel bad for poor D though he has been to Florida, California, Hawaii, Wake Island, Japan and now Guam in the last week and a half, and is set to go back to Hawaii and California before coming back to Utah. He has been in and out of so many time zones i'm worried his brain is going to explode. I just can't wait for him to come home!!! When I left high school I remember thinking how glad I was that I left all of the drama there and I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. Since then I have realized there will always be drama when there are other people in my life. And since I love people, I guess I will have to accept the drama. I read on another blog a quote that I loved "what others think of you is none of your business" I feel like I need to remember that because too often I think that if anyone is breathing around me I need to know what they are thinking in regards to me. I worry too much and apply everything way too personally to myself and I have to stop doing that. As I was reminded last week multiple times. When D leaves I feel like my life falls apart. But literally, let me give you a run down. Today I got ready for work and left to pick up our now dry-cleaned bedspread (Dutch threw up on it Easter morning. Awful.) Anyway Drew took it there before he left and it wasn't going to be ready for over a week, I get there this morning and there is a sign that says "closed for cleanliness concerns" ummmmmmmmmmm??? There was no number and all of the clothes etc are still there but I don't know how to get my bedspread! I seriously was envisioning breaking through the glass with a bat today. I didn't but it's still an option at this point. I got a call saying that the bank thought there was fraud on our account, luckily it was taken care of but my stress level was basically on overload already. Then I went to work and since Drew is gone that means I have been living off of cereal, slim fast and special k meal bars. By the time I got off of work I was about ready to kill something since I was starving but I so hate going to the grocery store alone. I decided I would stop at Costa Vida on my way home and grab a quesadilla and I walked in and DAMN YOU TACO TUESDAY! Is really all I can say about it. I hate that stupid thing. I know, I know, many people like that. I don't. I don't like Tacos. So I left, I got home, and I found that Dutch decided that today, after 10 days of being left out of his kennel and being so good, he would chew up my vibram five finger shoes, as in the ones I just got for Valentines day that also are over $100. I started bawling. Then I took a picture. Why you might ask? Two reasons, number one I have been doing this for like 4 years because then after I calm down I look at my picture and laugh at myself for a long time. I like to remind myself to laugh through bad days and at myself. I also do it because then I send it to Drew. HA! Either he is lucky because I laugh at myself or he is unlucky because I'm so crazy. Either way you look at it, you can laugh. So I decided I would just put it on here so that you could enjoy it as well.
You're welcome. On to some good news, I have lost 6 pounds in the last 12 days which is decent. It would be better if it was 25 but that isn't realistic which I have to keep reminding myself. I have been doing INSANITY and now me and my good friend Hailee are now going to the gym together which I think will help me stay motivated. I am just so looking forward to D being home, I can't wait for him to be home! I hope you are all having a great day, and seriously, laugh the crap out of my picture, I know me and Hailee did today on our way to the gym. xoxoxo M