Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moments Of Clarity

This week I have been contemplating a lot. A year ago on my half-birthday, I was alone, angry, bitter, discouraged, and finally hurt and humble enough to call my Mom and ask her to come to Utah. Because I needed her, I needed someone, and before then I wasn't strong enough to ask for it. Last year I remember thinking that there was no way I would be married on my 21 and a half birthday. I remember wondering where I would go in my life, what I would do, and how I would get there. I remember wondering if I would take the path that most of my friends have taken, living lives I know would not satisfy me, doing things that go against all of our beliefs, and that I don't understand. At that time I didn't know anything anymore. I was severally depressed and all I wanted to do was move away, anywhere by the ocean and stop stressing, stop hurting and stop thinking. Life however is not like that. I needed to feel and hurt and learn what I have learned to get to where I am now. I feel as though I have been in a fog, and I am finally having some clarity. Obviously several things have changed since last year. For one, Drew is home now, I decided to take a break from school and things now, are better than they have ever been. I never thought that would happen, but I am so grateful it did. Things are becoming clearer and clearer all the time, I know who I am, and better yet, I know who I want to become. That is all, xox M

Friday, February 24, 2012

Funny Friday

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paVa7ZV7nr4&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-TSkboaU3A Guys, YOU HAVE TO WATCH BOTH VIDEOS! Or it's not funny cause you won't understand what I'm talking about, the skit from SNL is one of my favorites, Kristin Wig is so hilarious and I pretend to be several of her characters around here on a regular basis. Mr. and I play this game now, (Yeah, we really are either THAT cool or THAT lame, you decide) but we take turns making up songs and the other one has to sing with them, like two weeks ago though when it was Drew's turn, he starts singing the song from the first video, "Meeeeegggggaaaaaaannnnnn yoouuuuuuu arrrreeeee......." you feel me? But I could sing it right with him and I couldn't figure out how I just knew it, and I thought to myself, he must just sing this one a lot or something? Well Monday night, the night before Mr. had to go to California for the week, we started playing this game in bed and we seriously played it for almost an hour. It was so funny for some reason, mostly because we were both tired and being extra-licious weird and it was awesome. It wasn't until like Wednesday that I saw that commercial and realized THAT was the song we had been singing. Awesome Alert. Seriously I was dying. On another good note! Today is my half birthday!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!! AND! D wasn't supposed to get home until TOMORROW but he is coming home TODAY! YESSSSSS!!!! 21.5 is a pretty good half I think. Have a wonderful day! xoxo M

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marriage Stuff

Last night at work one of the cute girls I work with asked my opinion on whether or not you feel 100% sure, is there a "soulmate" etc. We talked about it a little bit but then it got busy and I was leaving for the night, I just kept thinking about it though, over and over again because I remember feeling the way she felt. I wrote her a message today telling her what I thought and why, and I felt like it was something I wanted to remember later on so I am documenting it on my blog :) "My official answer to your question is in two parts. Number one, I honestly think that it depends on the person, and number two, I think that there is two parts to it. With the guy previous to Drew I knew I could marry him and we could make it work if I wanted to, but, like I explained last night I really evaluated how I wanted my life to be like and who I wanted to share that with, what good/bad they brought out etc. When I decided to be with that guy, I still just kept having feelings of, "I know this can work but at the same time I don't know?" That kind of questioning led me to the life evaluation, where I looked at each person, I looked at myself, and I really pondered on where I wanted my life to go, how it would be, and who I wanted to spend it with, and then it led me to Drew. After I chose to be with Drew and after we eventually got engaged, there were a lot of times where we both questioned what we were doing, which I think is important honestly, marriage is a huge deal and it is really hard. I can tell you also, that I have had a few different friends who knew for a fact that they were marrying "the one" and have since either gotten a divorce or have said they were wrong, that it wasn't really the spirit and blamed everyone and everything else for their marriage problems. The reason I am telling you this is because I think it is important that you know that you DO have a choice, you have the agency to choose who to be with, and then when things get hard, you realize, YOU are the one who chose the person you were with and why. After I decided to marry Drew I had moments of doubt, but never like I had with the previous guy, the day Drew and I got married, while we were waiting outside of the sealing room I got this overwhelming feeling of "this is the right thing" and I can honestly say I have probably never had a feeling from the spirit that strongly and distinctly. So that is why I believe it is a two part system. I chose Drew and He chose me, but I believe that Heavenly Father also wanted us to be together if WE wanted to be together." The end. xoxo M

Oh! Hello!

You know that day when you are putting some abreva on both sides of your mouth because you have had cold-sores playing a game back and forth across your face for a month, and you realize you are wearing the same sweats you have worn every. single. day. other than when you are at work, (where ironically enough I also wear the same thing every single day, oh khakis....) and you say, "hey! i'm cold in this sweatshirt!" and you realize it is because it is still really wet from last night when you were icing your face and the ice starting melting all over you, and it was cold then too but you didn't care enough to move because you were watching Downton Abbey? Oh, you don't know?? Ok, awkward..... Even if you don't know all the way, you still know partially what I'm talking about. Mr. Bongiovi is soaking up the California sun right now, and I'm wearing his sweats. Basically we are living the same dream life, except i'm pasty white and my hair and face is getting so friggin dry from this cold weather that my whole head wants to just fall off and not worry about any of it. So yeah, my hair is also pretty frizzy. Anyway that isn't what this post is about! This post is about saying "Hello!" and to also say don't you fret because all of my weirdness will be back promptly since I have taken somewhat of a blogging hiatus since my give-away- yeah I know lame. But since I'm here I guess I will tell you abut our valentines day, I had been given instructions to be ready at 5:00pm. Normally Mr. doesn't get home until 6:00 but he asked the guys on base if he could leave early on Tuesday (this was like the previous Monday)Their response? "What's on Tuesday?" He said, "It's Valentine's day" they started laughing and asked how long he had been married he responded "18 months last week" (he got some points for that response because it's all about the details with me people, it really is) and they said "Oh, I guess that isn't long enough to where it doesn't matter anymore" he said "Yeah, in our house it will always matter, my wife....." HEAR HEAR!! And they let him leave early. So the morning of Valentine's day I woke up and came out to the couch where awaited me the Vibram Five Finger shoes I wanted! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they are so awesome, and weird, and make me feel like a frog, which is something i've been looking for so yeah, I was pumped. I put those suckers on and wore them almost the entire day! This surprise was a double surprise however because I was thinking that the surprise was only for the evening, so I assumed that we weren't doing anything in the evening since he gave me my present in the morning? The other funny was that I had gotten him some new Nike's for Valentine's day. The pair I purchased also happened to be the obnoxiously bright colored ones where all you do is look at the person's feet! Awesome!! (He actually convinced me that they glow in the dark and shut me in a dark room, they sure don't) Anyway, he was at work all day and Tuesday is the only day of the week that I occasionally had off, so I was lucky that I had it off, and I spent the day with my Mom, sister and Nephew who kept telling me happy balentimes and showing me his balloons and valentines he made. So cute. I came home and got myself ready, like the ultimate read for a few hours and was looking forward to what I assumed would be dinner. I was also pumped because my hair was perfect as was my makeup, which considering there is no moisture in this frigid air was a miracle, even my lashes were perfect. Mr. came home. Said how cute I was, (yes, out of the sweats can do some wonders around here) and we were off, as we were driving I said are we going to SARC? They gym where I work, and he said no, it's just around there...... Yeah, nothing close to what we would be eating for Valentine's day was around there, I had hoped anyway, but we did end up going to SARC and there we got couple's massages! So great! I have gotten multiple massages, that happens when you permanently have displaced ribs from a car accident, tmj, and a few friends who are masseuses, but having one with Drew there was really great. The only downside was when it was over my hair and makeup were goners, seriously my one pair of eyelashes had split into like 3 eyelashes all smashed together. Awesome! But we laughed about it and didn't care too much because our bodies felt like Jello, in a good way. We then went to dinner at Kabuki grill. We had gone there 3 days before on date night, but we liked it so much we decided to go again. It is just like one of our favorite restaurants from Boise that we used to go to with all of our friends. Then we came home and slept like the dickens until 3:00am when Mr. wakes up to drive to SLC. Overall this valentine's day ROCKED!!!! Seriously I was so so so impressed with Mr. because he surprised me the entire day! That has never, ever happened because I always figure it out, the poor guy. It was also fun because it was so fun and lovey dovey mushy but without flowers and chocolates. A high maintenance girl like me likes those things on regular days, yeah I am a high maintenance love girl, sue me, but seriously this Valentine's day was so special because it was nothing that I thought we would do which was fantastic. I hope you all had wonderful days too! Valentine's is one of my favorites, I love, love and celebrating love, especially with all that mushy, gushy, tacky/trashy that all goes into it. Have a wonderful day lovelies! XOXO M PS. i missed you guys too..... ;)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Annnnndddd the winner isssssssssssssssss........

CONGRATULATIONS LAURA COLE YOU ARE THE WINNER!!! Thanks to everyone who participated, hopefully I will do another one soon giveaway soon. I think I was probably more excited than everyone combined! I love surprises about as much as I love life so I have been anxiously waiting!! Loves, M

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Year and a Half!?!

That's right, today me and my love chicken have been married a year and a half. That means if we would have gotten pregnant during our honeymoon we would have a nine month old baby! WOAH! I said that to D last night right before we fell asleep and we both kind of laugh/hyperventilated. But these last 18 months have been some seriously fabulous ones through all of the ups and downs, ins and outs and the adventures that Mr. gets to go on with the Air Force. I love you D. This day is also a big day for two other reasons! Number one, I guest blogged over at The Meaningful Pursuit Amid Aimless Wanderings Go on over and read it, Catherine is doing a 14 days of love blogging spectacular and I am loving it! Seriously, she is such a cool girl and I am so happy she let me be her guest. Number two, tonight at midnight my giveaway closes! That's right only like 15 hours left to enter! GO GO GO GO!! But seriously, I'm really stoked about this giveaway, and then I am announcing it tonight probably around 12:05am and then I will send it off tomorrow! Good luck you lovelies! Have the perfect Sunday, xoxo M

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Contest Now Open

What could possibly be a sweeter than starting love month out with my contest!?! Not much I say! So here is how to enter! 1. Post a Comment! Tell me you are a follower 2. Put this contest on Facebook! Comment again and tell me! 3. Blog about this contest! Comment again and tell me again!! So Yeah! You are counting correctly, you can enter 3, THREE, 3 times! Why not try to make your odds greater! The contest will officially close on Sunday at midnight! Then I will send this lovely to you on Monday so you can have it for love day, whether that day is filled with presents from your love monkey or presents from your mom.... or yourself, the day will be better with you looking fabulous. Don't remember what you are trying to win? Click here xoxo M ps. Good Luck!