Sunday, June 19, 2011

On This Weekend......

This weekend was so nice. I actually got a new job, (I've had it for a few weeks but just in case I didn't make the cut......) It is still at the lovely health club but now instead of front desk I am in the billing department. It is much different than front desk but I am really enjoying it. It also has a nice perk of only working Monday through Friday! WHOA! I have worked at least two weekends a month, most of the time just every weekend which has been totally fine cause I love my job, but I forgot how nice it was to be able to just be calm for a few days before the week started all up again. I also really needed some downtime as it was my LAST WEEKEND ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! I feel like there are about a million things I need to do so I am glad I started doing some of them. I read a book on Friday. (yeah right everyone is saying, but no I really read the whole book.) I don't know if I would recommend it though, it was "A Reliable Wife" it does have great reviews but considering all reviewists are corrupt.......  It was an interesting plot, I enjoyed how it was written, (although obviously from a man) but I did not enjoy how detached it was. That is my review. Then on Saturday my parents came down to Logan. My lovely sister in law and handsome brother had their second little boy late on Friday and so my parents rushed down to Pocatello to get there and see them. Then because my parents are moving here in a few weeks/months depending on the housing situation they came down and we went to Taco Time (yesssssssss) and looked at some houses. Then I came home and decided it was high time to do some dang homework since I am currently still a full time student. And since i'm a good student I did it for about fifteen minutes and decided I had to go get some ice cream!!! On my way there I knew I had to go to Ross too and came out with some grand things to surprise the Mr. with! Then of course I went to the ice cream place and ordered a Banana Split! YUMMM! The girl asked me if I wanted one peak or two and I said "two but only because it's saturday" and bless her heart she laughed at me and gave me the two peaked deliciousness. The only downside was that I had never had a two peak and have only shared the one peak with my pookey and I didn't realize how big it was, or take into consideration that I had to drive home,


So here it is. Some of it melted though on the way home the other parts......

Got all over my pants and shirt! And then later into my hair also. 

Here is new sweet baby! Isn't he the cutest little bunny? I can't wait to hold and snugs him,!

That is all for now darlings, and just keep in mind, tomorrow is monday, then tuesday , then wednesday. Then! Then! IT'S THURSDAY! OH JOYOUS DAY!! HOT DAMN  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

On Facing Your Fears.......

Facing your fears is only sort of what this post is about. It is really about progressing. I have found in my life when I am not actively doing something to be better I not only don't become better in something, I start to lose how good I was at something. I think it is probably similar with most people. You can't be a gymnast for ten years and stop for twenty and be as good as you were automatically. Also I have found that it is so easy to get caught up in not doing too much that instead I can do nothing. It is easy to get complacent in life and that is so pointless regardless of your situation. Becoming better every day makes not only yourself better, but it also makes the world better. Today I came across this quote "your children will become who you are, so be what you want them to be." I thought this was such an astounding and impacting quote. Who we are as people matter so much to who we are shaping as people. So that brings me to my next topic and reason as to why I am posting.

So I am posting about this because I have decided it will help me face my fear. It is of running. I know that is weird. But seriously I hate running. [oh wait i hate moving..] anyway I have always been really self conscious when it came to running because I am not long and lean and lanky and it seems like there is a certain level of something-ness that you need to have to do it. But I also think that it is something I would enjoy if I just could do it. I have been trying for a while but my sister has finally gotten me to do something about it and we are going to do a half marathon in September. WHOA. I used to really enjoy sports, mainly soccer, I loved soccer, but after I started getting more involved in Student Council and clubs I didn't work out as often or at all. I am not the healthiest person, mainly because I am a college student, but I really do not want that to be a lifestyle for our family. Also the Mr. is so active that I want to be able to do all of the things that he wants to do but it makes me so nervous because I haven't done anything really. But I am determined to become not only a "runner" but also to just be healthier for myself. There are so many great things that come from being healthy, it is proven you have better relationships, less chance of depression, longer life, a higher satisfaction in your life, I could go on and on. So what I am asking is this, if you have any tips for running or training or recipes that are healthy but also delicious tasting please send them my way! I decided if I posted this then I would have to stick to it, which is why it has taken me so long to post it. That is all, have a lovely evening


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All dogs go to Heaven...........

Well it's official. The only two boys I have ever lived with are both gone. Sure the one is coming back, in 16 days, (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!) But my Baby is not. No he did not die but he is in a better place. (sigh). Let me give you a brief run down. With summer school and work I have been leaving the house at 8:30 am every morning and coming home around 7 pm. Yikes for poor Baby Rockstar. He is only 6 months old so still a puppy and needed much more attention. It was a blessing really that Corinne, my parent's neighbor who also happens to do my hair when I go home, (obviously a winner automatically right? ;) Told my mom that her son Olie wanted a small dog and that if for any reason I was going to get rid of Baby Rockstar that they might be interested. Well my mom told me that and I said, "NO! NO, absolutely not I can't get rid of him!! I'll be all alone and I love him! He is my buddy!!" Then I came home two days later and found that he had chewed a hole out of my carpet. The next day it was the wall. And finally it was the cord off of my vacuum. Well at that point in time through my haze of madness I knew Rockstar would have to get a new home or he really would go to heaven....(Just Kiddin) But I knew that he needed kids to play with and grass to run on and time and attention that I just can't give him. So when my parents came down this week after our family gathering, they also took a piece of my heart home with them. I bawled like a baby then. I bawled like a baby telling Drew. And i've bawled like a baby a few times in between. That little piece of fur was my own personal heaven right when I needed him and I'm so glad he is in a loving home getting all of the attention that he needs and deserves. He was the greatest and I miss him very very much. I know now I can for sure never have kids because my mom told me this was how it feels to have kids leave for college. (I CAN'T DO IT I TELL YOU!) Anyway we took (or tried to take) a few pictures on our last night together so enjoy :)

Hoping you no lonelies tonight,


Bye Bye Buddy,


Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Sleep Talking

So here is the thing, I have a really hard time sleeping. I always have and I always will I am sure. Unfortunately it has been getting worse here lately and it makes me grumpy when the mister doesn't want to stay up until an hour before he has to wake up. (CODE RED!!! BAD WIFE ALERT!) Anyway the poor guy has to try to stay up and talk to me after being awake for close to 16 hours or more. Sad. This past week three different times he has fallen asleep while we are talking but he keeps talking in the middle of our conversation and say things like "It's on the left side of the wing!" "Don't tell me I don't know what I'm doing! I do!" "Ugh! They are called gear hooks" "This airplane first originated after world war one" and things like that. Then of course I say, WHAT!?!? Then we go to sleep because I know it it just too far past. Last night on skype however we were chatting and it has to have been my favorite yet. In the middle of our conversation he stops and says,
"well remember when I texted you this afternoon morning? Oh wait I keep getting those times confused? Anyway remember? Then I went into the bathroom with this damn cat!"

 Ummmmm what cat??? He then woke up and I said do you know what you just said, and he said "Yes and I hate it, I don't know what I'm saying" HAHA!  Oh man I laughed really hard about that one. I just had to share because I keep laughing about it this morning. Loves