Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy birthday to me to me!!

Guys. Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I am shameless when it comes to my birthday, really truly. I love my birthday and I always always will. Because I will be at a retreat for tomorrow and the next day I decided to post my birthday blog today instead! I decided it would be fun to do a little timeline so here goes and enjoy the style ;)
I love snugsing. This is baby Megan and supposedly I was a pretty happy baby. 

This is me and my darling cousin Kels matching dresses and all. 

I won the contest at our church for this halloween get up, I was Pebbles. This was also when I started to get really friendly and would go up to random strangers in the store, hold their hand, and start talking. Not much has changed I guess. 

Me and my buddy Sarahtop. I have always hated camping and I think this shows it pretty well. 

Look at that friendly face! Where did it go?!? This was in first kindergarten, (yes I said first, I went twice because I have an August birthday and my Mom didn't want me to be the youngest and my Dad wanted me to go so I went and then from what I remember they gave me the option of going to first grade or kindergarten again but really it was a bribe because the question my mom asked was "Do you want to go to first grade or do you want to be in kindergarten with Sarah in your class?")

Me and my daddy rockin' the style of the times. 1995 was good to us. 

This was the day after my 6th birthday and the first day of second kindergarten, I  wasn't scared at all since I already knew everything. Niiice. 

7 years old and still friendly. Awesome. 

This was my baptism and my mom braided my hair all the way around my head like a crown. I was stoked about that. Also notice Cassie's face in the background. She's always been slightly dramatic...... 

This was my 8th birthday party and I had a princess cake and we played on the tramp and the slip'n'slide. 

First day of school for 4th grade

OH. DEAR. Not a good year damn pubescent years.

Balla status. I'm really not sure what i'm doing with my shirt other than being a Ralph Lauren model, obviously. 

This was my 12th birthday. Precious. 

This was when I was almost 13 and the very first time I wore make-up. Holly put mascara and blush and lip gloss on me and I was super excited. 

This was when I was 14 and in 8th grade. I looked too old then. I look the same now basically. 

This was the morning of my 15th birthday celebrating with my besties. 

This picture is one of the only pictures I have that has me and Drew in it when we were in high school. Oh yeah, that's drew. At a buck twenty five and 15. We both can't believe how tiny he was. Oh man. 

This was my 16th birthday party where SOOOOOO much drama ensued. I hated girls.  And still kind of do........ I also dyed my hair for the first time that night before the party. 

17 and going to Melba a lot with the girls. I loved being 17. 

18. The end of my senior year prom night. I was prom queen and even though I tried not to show it because I felt like an idiot I was really really really excited. 

19 and in college. This picture makes me laugh considering I went on a date with my best friend's (that gorgeous girl who is standing next to me here) now husband. Does that make sense? A lot of changes were happening in my life at that time, I broke up with a boy I thought I would for sure marry, was fighting getting back together with the boy I did marry and hated school with a passion. Oh how life changes over time.  

20. Look at that snuggle bear. He's HUGE! (also just scroll on up and check him out a few short years ago and laugh with me people. Just do it I can'ts stop. He literally weighs 83 pounds more now then he did in that picture. WOWZA.)

And tomorrow.

I am excited for what this year will bring. I might finish school this year, (if I really, really wanted to) I might get a house, who knows what could happen. One of my favorite things about my birthday is looking back and also looking forward. It is always about progression and I really love that.
I hope that you all have a lovely day on my personal favorite day of the year.



Monday, August 15, 2011

On some funny stuff

This is real. A few weeks ago when I was called to be in primary presidency I started not feeling well like right afterwards. Like seriously not feeling well, I got a migraine so bad I couldn't even open my eyes and was getting nauseous and my eyes were watering I was in so much pain. We actually left church early because I couldn't function and I went straight to bed with a rag over my face for a few hours. I went to bed with my hair entirely curled and a full face of makeup on and woke up like this. Seriously? 

Then the next day I had Chinese food for lunch and this, THIS, was my fortune. Again, seriously?
somebody's a huge jokester, i'm not laughing. I can't even function just thinking about children it makes me so anxious and stressed and worried. Awesome. Please bring your kids to primary/nursery. 

It is a funny picture and the fortune is almost too ironic here right?

that's all.



Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the past two weekends

So remember how our lives have really only been happening on the weekends since Drew has had to be in Salt Lake every day at 5:00am so we keep the hardcore party hardy part of our lives for Friday Date Night and Saturday Sleep Day and Sunday Get Your Spiritual On. Since I have been trying to be more consistent with blogging I have also been forcing D to take pictures of our life happenings so love em people the boy works to get these shots. Jokes.
Here's what happened we were going to a Family Reunion about an hour and a half away so the day before we decided that we were going to have a power breakfast on the way there. By power breakfast I mean half a dozen specialty cupcakes from this cute shop here in L town called Temptation Cupcake. I'm pleased to inform you overall I ate two, D ate 3 and we accidentally left one in the car during the reunion and it was not edible afterwards. Dang that was worth almost 3 dollars. Aren't they cute though?

Sick I know. BUT this cupcake was actually our very favorite cupcake so I'm glad  I snatched this winner. 

After the reunion we went to my root's stomping ground Preston Id for the  "Famous Preston Night Rodeo" this is us waiting for the pre-rodeo parade outside of my family's tire shop. 

We went with Kels and Bri, and Trev and Dee here are us girls 


The following weekend was our ANNIVERSARY!!! YAY! It was also Kelsey and Brian's big day so we got to celebrate that with them and it was awesome! We were able to go to their sealing in the temple and it was a wonderful reminder of our sealing a year before and also of what a blessing temple marriage is. We are so happy for the new Weller family. This is Drew driving home from the wedding. There is a possibility that he is going to kill me after he sees i've posted this. 

Look at this cutie! This is at their reception where they served Coldstone ice cream  and old fashioned candy. It was awesome. After the reception Drew and I went on an anniversary date and enjoyed our first year of marriage spent together!

Look at these two presh guys. Little B man came over for a while  and let us watch Ponyo and eat nutella sandwiches and play with trucks and cars and anything else that looked interesting. Oh and obviously we drank a LOT of chocky mik

You can tell we're related eh? We are LEGIT
Just a brief update on the past two weekends before this weekend which is soon to come since the Mr. left for a tropical island for a few days so I am trying to keep myself occupied so blogging it is. Loves and hugs and all of that jazz that i'm not going to be having until WEDNESDAY. Good hell. Love though for real



Saturday, August 13, 2011

On My Best Girl's Big Day

Dear Tippy, Tip-Tap, Tip, Slore, Tweeshi, Baby Girl, Jessica,

Tomorrow (today) is your big day! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I am so happy for you and Jacob and how perfect you two fit each other. I love him that he is going to complete you and that you are going to complete him and be so happy. I just thought I would take a little time to write a blog post just for you and some memories of us from our younger and crazy days

Remember when you thought I was a farmer's daughter. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Remember your first date? And the clip you wore and how you wore it to my wedding?
Remember when I first came and asked you if you wanted to sit at my lunch table
Remember when you gave a report on Cannibalism
Remember how we worked together at Cookies and at Information
Remember how we lived together in that hell hole and almost killed each other and our friendship
Remember when we went shopping and the first time you went into Abercrombie with me and how we ran a red light to try to get home in time for our date
Remember when we went to sonic and I dared you to give the server guy your number and you gave it to him on an always sticky note
Remember when I dared you to give your number to our waiter at Texas after a heartbreak
Remember all of the times I gave your number out to random guys
Remember the school we skipped
Remember the mutual we skipped
Remember all of the dates
Remember all of the boys, and boys, and boys, for both of us
Remember the drama
Remember all of the tears and sadness that we both shared
Remember all of the laughs
Remember all of the times I made you pee your pants
Remember me acting like a creepy cat person
Remember all of the dances we went to together with or without dates
Remember your first kiss
Remember all of the drives
Remember all of the ice cream
Remember the time we sang at that young women's thing
Remember all of the shopping
Remember all of the late nights
Remember all of our talks

You know I could go on forever. Thanks for being literally the best friend I have ever had and for being there for me for some of the best times in my life and also for some of the worst times. You have always cried with me and laughed with me when I needed it the most. You know me and I know you and that is something we can both say not many people really can say about either of us. I love you for your passion and your excitement and your smartness and how freaking weird you are and can be. Thanks for being my ebff (eternal best friend forever) I am so glad you came into my life when you did and I know it was because Heavenly Father knew that we would need each other. You are fabulous and I can't wait for the many years ahead of us and for the great things to come for both of us. I know we will go different ways and have different things going on but you will always be my best friend and I will love you for always until we are neighbors like we once said we would be. Tomorrow will be a perfect day just for you and you deserve it more than anyone I know. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories that we have shared and here is to our both being old an married hags. ;) xoxoxoxo

luff luff