Sunday, January 30, 2011

The quiet noise of being all alone.... 12 days and counting

I have not blogged for quite some time for lack of what to say. But I feel that I should get back on the bandwagon, so away we go..............

About 11 days ago I went to the store. Wal- Mart if you wanted my exact location and this is what I bought

12 dozen roses for myself (which I might add are still on my table dead, but honestly I like dead flowers better than live ones which is very strange)
A huge thing of chocolate milk
An extra- large- king- sized-Kit-Kat-Bar
The newest edition of Glamor Magazine with Angelina on the front
A very large box of tampons
and over-night pads, (charming)

I then walked all over trying to get in line with a cashier that was not a male, I'll be honest I was not ashamed at all, but for the sake of the guy I waited to find a nice lady who would understand.

I then found such lady and proceeded before she could say anything and before she could see what I had in my small basket, to say "I am going through a young-life crisis." And there was not joking in my voice. But then I laughed just a little because I think she thought I was going to do a random act of violence,
I then handed over my soon to be property and she laughed when she saw everything,
again I said "Truly, it is a young-life crisis," and my eyes started getting a little shinier than normal and she smiled and said "well it will get better soon". Bless you nice lady!

I have since been to Wal-Mart 5 times because they are people too!

I also bought a puppy whose name is Baby Rockstar who is the sweetest. In case you did not catch the pun, he is a. my baby, and b. our last name is Bongiovi (Bon-Jovi) hence Baby Rockstar

That is all for now


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Identity Page for Media Smarts

I am a Sophomore at Usu. I am planning on majoring in Speech Communication with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. My email address is

A physical characteristic that differentiates me from other students in the class would be that I laugh at every joke or implied joke that you say, your T.A.'s say, Steven Colbert says, etc. My best friend and I are taking the class together and we so far enjoy it thoroughly, minus the lame non-responsive robots that are the other students.

Aside from scholastic fun, I enjoy being an ambassador for the university and meeting a lot of potential students, I work at a local gym which is a fantastic and enjoyable job, I love to read, and yes Dr. Cooper I unfortunately am a zombie and do have a subscription to Cosmopolitan. (EEEK!) I like to shop and laugh and watch old TV episodes on Netflix as well. I love salsa from Chile's, pomegranates, stuffed crust pizza, and expensive jewelry. I long for a teacup pig, and would love to go to Thailand, and Italy someday.  

I am from a small-ish town called Kuna (pronounced Q-Nuh) Idaho. It is in the Boise area and it is lovely there. I grew up thinking that cavemen were spelled kavemen until I was probably a junior in high school. It still looks weird to me spelled with a "c." I am pleased to say that Boise has a vast variety of people compared to Logan, and although I do love it here, I have missed the more equal standings of different groups than a vast majority and minority as it is here.

Since becoming a Netflix subscriber through our Wii, my husband and I have turned into T.V. junkies. We both were normally too busy to watch much T.V. but here lately we could give you a lot of details on a plethora of television episodes. I also Facebook and e-mail a lot and that is a large source of where my media intake comes from.