Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Public Restrooms:

First of all you will say to yourself, "Why the H are you writing about this?" To that I answer, "Because it is MY blog and I can do what I want!" Actually my answer would be "Why the H not?"

But really let's get serious.

I often think about them. There is a "stage shop" (that is a gas station that truck drivers also visit) that Drew and I stop at on the way home to get some Mt. Dew and do our other business...(ahem). Anyways it was there about 3 months ago that I started to really think about public restrooms.

1. They are gross. Yeah REAL gross. I would like to know how many times a worker goes in looks around, says to themselves "No one is dead in here, looks clean to me," writes their name on their required cleaning log and walks out. Or another good one, how it says, "If other maintenance is needed please let us know" REALLY? REALLY? Don't you people work there? Ugh.

2. I also ponder how it is that everyone who is smart, lay down the toilet paper. You know what i'm talking about. Layers upon layers of toilet paper to protect our backside from diseases etc. Let me tell you something I learned from COSMO though folks, if you just squat you will burn between 5-10 calories. Do that a few times a day and you get an extra candy bar. Niiiiiice.

3. And finally, who pray tell, carves the shiz out of the toilet seat? I mean yes it is a well known fact that people write and key their names, numbers, and other dumb things on the sides of the stalls, but who in the heck is scratching up the actual seat? Hmmmm? If it is you, stop it's annoying. That or someone is wearing studded chaps and nothing else, and is double teaming the chaps for the protection instead of the toilet paper. Again, bad, bad, idea. (WARNING THE BELOW PICTURE IS VERY DISTURBING BUT I NEEDED TO PROVE THE POINT OF WHAT I AM SAYING HERE!)

And really, it is funny.