Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Thursday Thank You:

Oh Hi Guys!

Remember when it was Tuesday two days ago and I was sure it was Thursday? Well today is actually Thursday and I keep getting confused. Sigh. Anyway today is a Thank You! Day to a special  lady. Miss Sarah Kite this post goes out to you! Not only is she a fabulous baker and makes some of the most delicious treats, but she is in all reality actually a lot sweeter in real life than anything she makes! (Cheesy but it's true!) I met Sarah two years ago now through USU and our scholarship program as Ambassadors. She is seriously a doll, the nicest girl and so genuine. She really kept me going with her kindness and sweet smile every meeting while D was gone. She always knew exactly what to say to make me feel better and made it just a little easier that day. So here is to you  sweet girl! Thank you so much for all of the smiles you have brought my way!

If you would like to visit Sarah's fantastic blog it is under "Sarah's Sweets" in the blogs that I follow,



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Truth Tuesday

Hello Peeps!
I hope no one else woke up this morning knowing it was Thursday like I did. I kept telling Drew to make sure and get me in time for work. Gosh. Dang. It. Anyway today is Tuesday so let's get some truths out shall we?

On Professors: Ok let me say this first of all. I seriously am so impressed with my professors at USU. They have all been so fantastic and I have been so grateful to have them be so awesome teachers and people. Unfortunately there always has to be an exception. Today after class I went to ask my professor some questions, I waited for the girl ahead of me who he spoke to with no rush or hurry and was very pleasant to, I walk up however and ask about something from the day I missed and what does he do? Starts walking out saying he didn't have time and I would have to meet with him later...... ooooo kayyyy. I understand that professors are busy, that's no problem at all but talking to somebody else and not having time for me doesn't seem fair either right? Right??? RIGHT!?!?!?!? Jeeze. Honestly it probably wouldn't have made me so mad except this guy literally NEVER plans a lesson, and never does anything helpful and it just really irked me. Probably especially because so many professors are so fabulous. Ok that's all for that guy, except, did he ask me why I missed? Nope sure didn't. Did I miss for an actual legitimate reason? Sure was. Ok Ok Ok. Done now.

Does anyone think it is weird how there are groups of people? Like single people, and married people, and baby people? Well I'm sure you all get it. There is this weird thing that when you are single and your friend gets married there is this weird disconnect, then when you are married you have that disconnect from you and your single friends, then you have friends who get pregnant or have babies and there is a disconnect. It seems weird but there is something about being in the baby club that makes you are real woman or something. I am proud of those women because I know for a fact that I could not do that right now. Someday maybe i'll be in the real women's club though. In like 10 years. No jokes.

Sometimes I am living an oxymoron like I can never do enough or anything right. It's hard though because sometimes I can't find time between working, going to school full time, trying to be effective at my calling in primary and being a wife. It's kind of funny though because there are a thousand other things that I need to do and be better at but there isn't enough time do all of those things. It also is quite humorous that there isn't enough time to really do any of those things as best as possible because there are so many things to be done. I am looking forward to the day when there are less things going on, but I have a feeling that will not be for a long long time and maybe this is teaching me how to manage a lot of things going on for a family. I don't know how my Mom did it all with all of the church callings and activities for all of us and being Betty Crocker. Too good for me that is for certain.

In other news I am pleased to announce that I cooked dinner 3 times last week. Hath Hell Freezeth Over!?!? No I say it has not. It has actually been kind of fun though and it has all been edible so be surprised and in awe of my splendor and ease with the kitchen. HA. HA. HA.

I am also genuinely pleased to announce that the Mr. and I have gone and been social. We haven't really had friends that are also married during our married life partially because D was gone and partially because we didn't know anyone and didn't get to know many people. But now we have been having a lot of fun with a lot of people. This past weekend we did something on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with different couples and had such a blast! It is really fun being able to do a lot of fun things with a lot of people, example: We went to a BBQ on Saturday and we played games husbands vs. wives and the losers had to go to wal-mart with a fart machine on them and the winners got to control the noise. So us wives spent a horrific/humiliating half hour in wal-mart while the husbands follwed just far enough behind you wouldn't know they were with us. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Anyways I figure that that has been quite enough truths for this day.

Love you nice people who read this jibber jabber



Friday, September 23, 2011

On Somebody's Birthday

TODAY is a very special day. I'm sure you are saying to yourself, "But Megan! TOMORROW is your month birthday?" (with a puzzled look mind you and now you are baffled at how well I can also read minds...... ok ok ok) Anyway, TODAY is my big brother's birthday! The OG. (Or original gangsta for you who are too young or too old) But I'm sure some of you think "Hold the phone! Who's this guy!?!?!" Well here I will tell you, he is my older brother, and as I mentioned before with the gangster part, I don't often blog about him specifically because he would kill me. But I decided today was different so let me begin,

Things I love about Mr. Keller,
He is such a smart ass. Seriously he's so funny and witty it makes me mad but he's also a genuinely smart money makin' fool!
He was always very protective of me and my sisters and even though showed it in a somewhat gruff manner, he always loved us all and took care of us.
He is cool. I always thought he was so cool when he was in high school, I remember when he would come home from school we could hear him coming with his music so loud and his bass bumping and I would get so excited because he was fun!
He is so nice. I have countless memories of many people telling my mom and dad and anyone who would listen how nice he was and all of the kids with special needs adored him. That was a good example to me watching him and I am thankful to him for that.
Along with his niceness, he also has a magnetism about him that just pulls you in, people love to be around him and listen to him
He is a great father. Every time his kids do something that requires that he has patience I am amazed by HOW much patience he has, he love's his little boys so much
He is a great husband. His wife Hollie Rae is my favorite sister in law. (I'm really lucky I only had one brother cause this could have been awkward) she is a doll and they are a perfect match and I love how much he loves her.
He took my Mr. hunting and for that I should be angry because now my Mr. thinks he needs to go hunting all the time like Mr. Keller, but I am thankful to how accepting he has been of D.
He has a strong testimony of the gospel and is always a worthy priesthood holder.
He has been and continues to be a good example to me and I appreciate that. Out of my three older siblings I am for sure most like my brother, minus the beard thank goodness, and I don't know what my life or any of my family's life would be like without him!
So here's to you big brother. I love you a whole bunch!!

Ps. H-Rae Thanks for letting me steal these pics off your blog :)



Thursday, September 22, 2011

On,Thursday:Thank: You

I've been wanting to do this for like 7 months but since i'm a crappy blogger I haven't gotten around to it, but since I blogged once I might as well blog again today. So my goal is to do a Thursday Thank You every week preferably on Thursday but no promises there. For today!

I am thanking Miss M. B. for teaching me a lot. She was my boss and she's not anymore, but I still think she is, cause she's awesome and only an awesome person can be on Thursday Thank You. Anyway, she's a really amazing person, she is genuinely fantastic at what she does and cares about people on a level that always makes me think "I need to be better" because she is always like that. She has taught me to be more responsible, to look at the big picture of things, to consider others first, to always put myself in the other person's shoes and to help others and work as a team. Those are things that I continuously have utilized and am continuing learning from her. So thanks M. B. you're the greatest. I especially like the few times I have heard you swear, and have made you laugh really hard by my inappropriateness. You're Fab.

That's all for the day!

ps. I almost forgot to say that D's bum isn't the worse thing to be compared to because he is very fit if you know what I'm saying...... Hey-O!!



On: Mo' Mo' Bloggin'

What say you is "Mo' Mo' Bloggin'?" To that say I, is Mormon Mommy Bloggers. I recently read this article,

and was fascinated! Seriously. So here is the thing, there are a lot of "mormon" bloggers who aren't "mommy's" and there are a lot of bloggers who aren't "mormon." It was just really cool to read someone else's perspective of why they like blogs written by Mormon women about their mostly just day to day lives.

Here is why I liked this article, this cool, hip, girl who is writing things up in newspapers and magazines thinks that mormon women who stay at home and bake cookies have are actually pretty awesome too. I grew up with a mom who never worked and made every meal by scratch and always had a treat to come home to and who (tried) to teach me how to sew and craft and clean and cook and be spiritual and caring for others and that was just normal life. Now I am by NO means saying that people of other religions don't do these things also because they for certainly do, but there is almost a culture that us Mo' Mo's have.

My very favorite thing that she says, (I'm paraphrasing here people so don't judge on the exactness) was that mormon blogs let her enjoy a life that she doesn't necessarily live and doesn't necessarily want, but that makes her happy. My favorite things about blogs is the positive things that are on them. There have been a lot of complaints from people saying that people aren't "real" on their blogs and pretend to have a Utopian life, and other than myself, no one actually does. I like that. I like that people intentionally highlight the good things that are going on in their lives and that make them fulfilling and happy and I wish more people would do that. I also liked that she highlighted that blogging has become the new journal and like I have mentioned previously, I really would like to work on that. There is always some tiny thing that happens every day that makes me laugh or is memorable but that after everything else happens in the day I forget and wish I could remember. So here's to me trying to blog more! Hear Hear!! And for those of you who don't blog or who reads my blog and I don't know you're reading it cause you're creepin' (don't worry I super love creeps) and you have a blog and I don't know about it, that needs to change! I'm an avid blog stalk creepster. Anyway here is my quickie for the day,

---Today I was trying to chill out because Mr. was being annoying. (I still love him but he can be annoying especially when he knows it so he tries harder to be annoying!) Continuing, I almost got off topic there..... He then came into the bedroom and mooned me and said "THIS is what your face looks like" to which I responded "You're a freaking idiot!" and then I smothered him soaking wet cause I forgot to mention I was in the bathtub previously, and he didn't think he would be punished. He was.

Yep. I'm glad we all experienced that together. Keep it realsters...



Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On: Truth Tuesday

Hello Pals. I know I haven't blogged for a while, and although I doubt many people care, it annoys me when people don't update their blogs for my viewing pleasure, but i'm a freak so I might have a different situation? Anyway I am going to try to blog more, I've been trying to take pictures and everything due to my new goal of blogging so that we have something to look back on later and remember things but for now, just a a truth tuesday

On domesticity
I am not domestic. I sure am not. But I did wake up early this morning to put together a pork loin crock pot concoction and it supposedly is supposed to be delicious. Let's hope. I want to be domestic but there is also this other part of me that would rather not be, it's a dilemma. I actually am liking this new fad of "crafting" though because I sometimes can pull those off and I think that gives me some points, maybe, please? Anyway now that we finally got our new couch, (to be blogged about later) I am wanting to kind of decorate and make pillows or something but we'll see.

On the Mr.
TODAY is his half birthday!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad only 20 years and 6 months ago that he was born. He is precious. Also I am not at school yet. Nope, remember how I got up early? Well I did then I made that stuff for dinner and started to get ready for school, then Drew came home and I remembered I didn't want to go to school because he was here so I didn't. I still haven't quite adjusted to him being back and there is this part of me that gets really anxious when we aren't together because we were apart for so long. I know that's not being a very good adult but in my world it is being the BEST adult because at least I know where my true priorities lie right? It is just so nice to be able to be together, not doing anything special but also not being alone. One of my favorite things is to eat breakfast together, that is nice. I do need to get out of this though or i'm going to get in trouble for missing so much school.

On health
Lately, like the past year I haven't felt very good. Which aside from the fact that Mr. was here and I really wanted to be with him, was why I didn't go to my first two classes. I'm not sure what is going on but I am thinking about going to a doctor finally. We will see though because I hate doctors and health and I like to pretend everything is fine. But I am not pregnant so don't get excited or upset because that for sure is not it! And NO i'm not pregnant, and NO i'm not planning on it anytime soon, like in the next 5 years. Seriously.

On Blessings
I am very blessed in my life and for that I am grateful. It is so good that Drew is home and I was lucky enough that he was only gone for 6 months. I am thankful that we both have jobs and are going to school and that we are making it work. That is nice,

That's all for now,



Monday, September 5, 2011

On: 13 Months

Today is our 13 month anniversary. That is exciting I think only because it makes us sound like we've been married quite a while. I love to be married. I love marriage. I honestly hope that my career path works out the way I want it too.

I have decided in the last year that I would like to become a marriage and family therapist. Obviously I am going to have to go to graduate school, which, surprisingly I am looking forward to. I have always wanted to help in my career path, but I always thought it would be through law. I want to especially work with women and children who have been in abuse situations, but I also would love to work with married couples. Let's just hope that it all works out. Everything is all coming down to a point in my life where things are getting to be important. I am a full fledged adult now and will eventually (sooner rather than later!) graduate college, and then hopefully go to graduate school and have a career and do something that I love. There are so many things going on in my mind but I also don't want to talk about it, because it makes me nervous that it might not work out.

Drew is home! He has been in Hawaii with the Air Force and even though it was only for 4 days I just hate it when he is gone. One thing that I do like about this military thing though is that it has helped me realize just how special and important He is to me. My life would be good, but nothing comparable without him. It is nice to be reminded just how much I appreciate him and need to remind him about it.

This blog post is somewhat nonsense but I love being able to just write and let my mind calm down.

That is all, goodnight.


Friday, September 2, 2011

One Year OLDER and WISER Too.......

Why, Hello 21......
Well my birthday happened. Now I'm old. Ok not really, I am actually feeling quite youthful. My birthday was spent with 100 other people doing fun activities for a leadership retreat for my scholarship for Utah State. Spouses were allowed to come for the days activities so Drew was able to come with and we did activities at the USU ropes course and ate lunch and dinner and watched some fabulous skits before Mr. had to drive home. I then slept on an outside balcony and there was a huge thunderstorm over bear lake that I got to watch. Happy 21 years of life to me. We then continued to celebrate my birthday after I got home Thursday night, and had a fun family dinner party on Friday night. I love birthdays! Then Saturday we bought a couch! I'M SO HAPPY! I'm such an old lady, but for some reason buying big purchases together that only belong just to us make us so happy and it's exciting. 

I am now also a junior in COLLEGE. Wowza. Being a junior in college makes me almost as excited as buying our couch, almost. I am learning a few things in my old age though, you really learn who your true friends are as time goes along. You start to learn what's important and what's not, and also learn who you want to be around that thinks similar things. Being a responsible adult and just human being in general, is actually a good thing. And you realize who you are as a person. I like those things. It is a strange feeling to me to be on campus and not be worried about where I'm going or if I will make friends in my classes. My first day of school I just went to my first class and then remembered I hadn't even looked to see where my classes were located or in what order and I didn't panic or even think twice about it. 

Last night on our early date night, we were returning some things at a store and there were two girls working at one of the stores. The poor girl was having a hard time ringing things up and returning them and we started talking. In a matter of minutes I learned that they were doing their math homework and had just moved up last week and were best friends and live together and the one's boyfriend totally kind of broke up with her and she had been crying all day and the other girl's boyfriend totally is going to U of U and maybe since they've dated a while they would get married and how long have I been married? That's so cute. Oh My Gosh there are no cute boys here, we have given them three days and there aren't any and what are we going to do?
Ummmm? Wait didn't you both just say something about your boyfriends? It brought me back to my freshmen year and made me feel so experienced or something. 

I found myself telling these girls to be patient. Where the best places in Logan are. Where the cute boys are. I also found myself telling them that things work out. That they really do work out the way they are supposed to. How I was almost engaged, and then got married to someone else in less than a year and how right it was that it all happened the way it did. How crying over the boyfriends make you stronger but that when you are married and you look back how you laugh at your silliness. When I left I told them both to say Hi on campus if they saw us and they thanked me for talking to them and making them feel sooo much better. "And oh my gosh everything is going to be ok and I feel so much better and things will work out right?" 

It is funny to be reminded of things. How thankful I am that I am where I am now, but also that I had the experiences I had to get up to this point. It's interesting to get older but not be old just to have a little more insight. 

That is all for this Friday, 

Hope that you are all having a wonderful day,