Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 12 Your Most Treasured Item

I will be honest with you and tell you that I really, really, really love and treasure my wedding ring. It is beautiful but it is also from drew and it never fails to remind me of the love and covenants I have made and Drew has made so that can be together for eternity.

Aside from that though I would say that I really truly treasure my patriarchal blessing and knowing who I am, and being able to pray and know that Heavenly Father is listening. It is an interesting thing because people always say that it is during the good times that everyone is maybe not as good at praying or being thankful, etc as much as they should be, but during the hard times the prayer count goes up a lot. I don't fit in there. I am so much better at everything when things are good, and when things are bad, I used to tend to close down to everyone as well as my Heavenly Father. I am so thankful that I was able to get my blessing and to know the divine role that I play in this world and at this time. It is a wonderful thing to have direction from such a loving and understanding Father in Heaven who only wants to help us get to where we need and want to go. I am thankful to know who I am. That I am not perfect, but that I someday will be if I continue to try. It is such a comfort to me to have the gospel in my life. There is never a day that I don't realize how lucky I am regardless of the funny things that happen in life.

 I am grateful for this time of year when everyone always tells each other Merry Christmas! It is great to be rejoicing in Christ and his birth regardless of what every person's religion is. There is a definite spirit during the holiday season and for that I am so happy. I guess what I treasure the most is the savior and everything that I have because of him. I am so thankful for his atonement. I am awed by his love and forgiveness. I am blessed everyday with his assurance and grace. There is no greater thing than to have the truthfulness of the gospel in a life and that I treasure most.

Merry Christmas. Remember the reason.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 11 A Picture of Your Favorite Band

Here is the thing. I honestly do not have a favorite band. I love so many different genres of music that it would be lame to pretend like I liked one the most. I love emo screamo, country, indie, (some) rap, hip hop, classical, opera..... you get where I am going with this. As far as concerts go though I do love warped tour and the really exciting concerts. The reason I chose the band I did was because I got to see them in concert and I kissed the lead singer and I liked it! =) Here is the story,

My beautiful friend Jessica and I LOVE Escape the Fate and have been true followers of them since 7th grade. We found that they were coming to Boise when we were seniors in high school and the tickets were pretty cheap. STOKED. The catch for my parents to let us go was that we had to get someone to go with us. Drew at the time was dating another girl but was continuously pursuing me and we were all good friends so we asked if he would come with us. He said yes and so we all went together. Jess knew some other people there but I wanted to be in on the action. I went to the very front (we were early which is hilarious because literally concerts are the ONLY thing I have ever been early to.) Drew came with me and stood behind me so I wouldn't get smooshed. I was at the front the whole concert, there was even a part where the lead singer sang to me holding my hand singing the song, (no this is not a joke) titled, "You are so beautiful" HEAVEN!At least to my freshly 18 year old self.  It was especially exciting because he did not touch anyone else the entire show, no hand taps, no points, nothing, just to me. I told Jessica that I was going to kiss him and she laughed at me and I said, no for real, I've always wanted to kiss a famous person before I die and it is going to be him. So after the show the band came out and we went up to them but all of the courage and nerve left me, but thanks to Jess she walked right up to him and said  "my friend wants to kiss you, will you kiss her?" SO EMBARRASSING, I luckily have never had to ask to be kissed by a boy any other time, but he looked at me, smiled and very enthusiastically said "Yeah I'll kiss her!" So he leans over to me puts his hand on the back of my head and kissed me for a good ten seconds. Then all of the other girls tried to get him to kiss them and he said no! Astounding. Drew was pretty mad at this point taking pictures of us and holding our coats but it is a memory that I will always smile back on. (Side note: Drew said that he fell in love with me on our very first date when we went to the newest James Bond movie and I told him the model of the car (an Aston Martin) and he himself did not know it. But it was at that concert that he knew he had to have me. He quickly broke up with his girlfriend after that.) Now the pictures to follow i'm sure several of you would cringe at but I thought he was so smoldering. Still do if you want to honest truth, but what you can't see from the pictures is that he has tiny piercings all the way around his mouth, (not smoldering,) and after the concert I went home with stars in my eyes to google and find out that he has a daughter. Romance ended. But it was a fantastic concert and a great story to tell my kids one day when they're like 30.
Middle man at the most front. Oh Craig. 

Day 10 Venting session.... oh wait.. yeah I just made this one up


Dear Scammy Scamers,

If you had children I would kidnap them because they obviously deserve a better family environment. Also I am so mad at you. I don't even know you but if I were to ever meet you I would hope you to be ugly to match your bad manners and meanness. If possible there is a large likelihood that I would hit you with my car. And yeah a Ford Taurus does have a V6 thanks. Another thing, I hope your Christmas is awful because I'm pretty sure you just partially ruined mine. Thanks HOES! (That was a Santa reference.)


Ok, here is the deal. Drew and I are trying to find an apartment since he will be leaving in January until July. (Yeah awesome.) We emailed an advertisement that we saw on Craigslist that was seriously perfect and so cute and I could have a dog there and I was so excited and felt like everything would work out. Oh no instead it was fake and they have been taking money from Drew's account and we have no place to live even though we are supposed to be moving as soon as we get home from Christmas!

On the other hand I did get to go to this place called village inn today and my cute cousin and I did a present swap! FUN! I LOVE PRESENTS! And I got to see my little B-Man and I bought him the cutest little shoes from Old Navy and he started running around in them like an insane monkey. It was awesome. So I am sorry about the not as upbeat post but boy I wish things would work out better than it is right now. Much love


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 9 The Person Who Has Gotten You Through The Most

This one was for sure a toss up. My whole family has been there for me through everything but my dear sweet husband will get to win this one. He has put up with me going on almost three years (since we started our friendship love) and he has been so good to me. He put up with lots of high school drama, some missionary drama, some college drama, wedding stress, birth control craziness, random emotions, lots of sick times and whining. What a sweet fellow =) He also cooks and cleans! Really he is that good! Our first month of marriage was what most would call a nightmare but what we just laugh about. He was going to go to school and found out that the air force would not pay for the whole thing until he went to bootcamp and tech school (hence this January until July, BOO) and so that fell through, all of my classes were dropped which i'm still not sure why, we found out my identity has been stolen, and my birth control made it so that I was really emotional and had a "girl time" for 23 days straight. Yessss! But we got through it thank goodness and have just rolled with the punches. He makes me laugh every day, he makes yummy food out of basically dirt and water it seems and he snuggles with me even though he doesn't like it much. He is a hard worker, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. He puts up with my temper and smooths out my worry lines. There are so many wonderful mushy things I love about him, but for the sake of my audience I will stop there. Oh yeah one more. He is just TOOO CUTE!! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 8 Something you miss

when I was tiny and ran around in swimming suits all day long
getting ready for the day regardless of if I would be seeing someone or not, i'm super slacking
my parents
Boise (sigh)
My girl friends who make me laugh uncontrollably with
Drew, (sigh, sigh sigh) and he is not even gone yet (sigh)
babysitting! oh I miss my sweet little Cole family and all of the cuties in my ward who loved me
high heels
my tiny big sister with her tiny huge belly that has a tiny baby in it and her cute little snuggle bug and hubby who live all the way in TEXAS (ILLEGAL)
I miss being so excited for Christmas.  I haven't been as much as I normally am and that my dears is a tragedy. 
                                                  On the other hand........................

Although I can say I do not miss being 16. Last night for work we hosted a surprise party for a 16 year old boy. Oh Bloody Hell. There were over one hundred other teenagers ranging in age from 13 (seriously moms?) to 18. It was pretty entertaining I have to admit, watching all of the interactions. Drew and I obviously come from a different part of town than this Utah one because we were ready to check in dark corners for (ahem) etc. But this group were more like 12. They stayed in groups of girls and boys and only occasionally would venture out to talk to the other gender. Cute. AND. Semi weird to me. It was fun to watch which girls got really really really ready with their hair and makeup and outfits, and who literally probably just woke up before they came with their older brother's sweats on and their hair in a messy bun. It was fun to reminisce on that time in my life, but I am also grateful that I do not have to deal with the small insecurities that that age brought on. 

Looking forward to 

Finding out if DrewB likes his presents(i hope he does, i hope he does, i hope he does)
seeing old beautiful friends 
Going to church in my home family ward, everyone is so nice there =)
Being away (hopefully!) from the snow 
Opening presents (YAY!! I LOVE PRESENTS!) 
Eating delicious home made food yummmmm 
sleeping a lot.
not working 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 7 Your Favorite Picture of Your Best Friend(s)

I have 4 best friends. Like I have mentioned before I am not the best at making friends. I am just a really closed person, but once I have, oh boy, we are friends for life. These four friends are all my best friends in different ways. So we will start at the beginning.
Sarhtop and I have been best friends since we were literally 3 years old. She and I are the most alike out of all of my friends. We laugh together, cry together, shop, get ready together and can relate to each other so much. 

Jessica is my rock. She is always there for me and has always been there for me since 4th grade. She is literally one of the strongest people I know. She is funny, and strong, and so beautiful. 

My girl KY-KY, you can defiantly hear us coming. When we are together there is NO volume control, we laugh seriously non stop when we are together and both talk so fast and loud at the same time! She is so smart and fun my life would not be the same without her. 

Tippy my rockstar. Talk about someone who will one day be famous. She is amazing! So creative, funny, insightful and out of control. We are ebf. (eternal best friends) as we like to call it because we know we were friends before and we will for sure be friends after. We are the most different from all of my friends and that is what makes us stick together. There are too many tears and too many laughs that tippy has been there for me always. 

I have been so blessed to call all of these girls my best friend. They have helped shape me into who i am today which I am glad to say I super like myself and I super love them! I cannot imagine what life would be like without great friends to laugh, cry, talk, share, shop, get ready with, and tell secrets to.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Picture of Yourself 2 Years Ago

This picture was taken at the Idaho Association of Student Council's conference. Here I am with Nate Roberts from IF who was president of state student council, beautiful Aubrey from CD who was VP and me from K-town the state secretary. Needless to say this was a very fun night! We planned the conference for months had gone to Texas for the national student council convention, and had made tons of memories. It was a fun night. From this experience I was able to meet so many amazing people, and have the No Means Know group share with every student council in the state of Idaho their program that then started an even bigger statewide approach to prevent and raise awareness of teen dating abuse. If interested in the project go to 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 5 Your Idea of a Perfect First Date

Well here's the thing people, I loved dating, super loved it, but being married is SO WAY WAY MORE AWESOME BETTER FANTASTIC AMAZING AND SATISFYING than any date I have ever been on, (and I've been on some grand ones, - you were good to me boys) so instead I decided I would share some pictures of one of my favorite last dates, yes it is cheating because it was when we did our engagement and formal pictures but we had so much fun and there are not a ton of those pictures on my blog so enjoy