Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On: The Happenings in My Life

Guys, I have been so busy being, so, extremely happy that I really haven't had time for much else. My laundry pile can attest to this. Things in my life have taken a completely unexpected turn, that is so wonderful and fabulous, in a way I have been harboring it from everything. I want to protect it and keep it safe. These past weeks though, have been an emotional doosy, in a matter of four days my best friend told me she had cervical cancer, my dad had a severe heart attack and my sister had several complications with in-vitro. Emotional wreck would be the way I would have described myself but in a way I was able to hold it together much more than I thought I would be able to thanks to K. It is amazing how no matter what there are always trials in life, some much harder than others, but when you are doing what you know to be the right thing, and following the spirit, and have people in your life who encourage you and recognize Heavenly Father's plan in your life, how even in those extremely difficult and challenging times you know that everything will be ok. I remember a time, not long before the divorce was finalized that D looked me in the face and said he hoped that I would find a man who would treat me the way that I deserved to be treated and that he hoped for it sooner rather than later. The term blood boiling, I realized then was actually a factual term because I had never once felt my blood feel so hot; I wanted to slap him across the face as hard as I possibly could because that is exactly the way I felt he had just done to me with his words, I remember taking a literal step back from the pain that ensued in my body, the fact that he could so calmly and with complete (rare) honesty tell me that to my face made me realize just how far gone and on different pages we were. I couldn't believe that he could so easily see me as a thing of the past, that he would want someone else to do what he had promised me, and Heavenly Father that HE would do, and that he wouldn't even think twice about it. Now however, I feel nothing but sincere gratitude towards D. I really do, and I told him so. He had the foresight that I didn't have, he hoped for me something that I didn't even think possible for myself, finding someone who would love and appreciate me in a pure way without expecting anything in return. Although I do not regret marrying D still, I am so thankful now that he let me go when he decided to take a different path from the one that I was on, if he hadn't I wouldn't be here, where I am now, and this place is so, so good. But that story is for a different blog, so if you would like to continue on with me on my new journey go to strongbravebeautiful.blogspot.com XOXO M

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