Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mind Reader

Some days I wish I was a mind reader. I want to know what exactly people think when they see me, talk to me, get a text/phone call from me. Most days I am glad that I don't know because it would probably hurt me more than help me, but other days when I see specific people I just want to know. Today for example I wanted to know what are you thinking right now? Is it weird that I am your ex wife? Is it weird that I'm not smiling and trying to make you happy like I used to? What do you think of my hair? Are you proud of me for not letting you break me? Can you see that i'm stronger? Do you realize that when you broke me you did me a favor? Do I look better? Do I look worse? Do you wish things were different? Do you miss me? Are you surprised that I don't need you? Can you see that I don't want you? Do you see that I finally understand I deserve to be treated better? I hope you can see that I will never settle again. To say the least today has been an emotional day and that is ok. I hate feeling anything, it makes me feel weak, but I am learning that when I really feel things that is when I become my strongest because then I can overcome my biggest weaknesses and fears. There is nothing that I cannot overcome through Heavenly Father's help and for that I am thankful. I don't need anyone else. I am enough.


  1. megan, i know i don't know you. but seriously this post. wow. i needed it. you are enough. and your words meant so much to me tonight. you have no idea. thank you.

  2. This is one of the reasons I told you your so pretty. Your strength really just shines, but I have always thought that about you :)
    Even though we never really hung if you wanna know what I thought about when I saw you know


  3. Miss Megan, I love you and always will! Keep your faith strong and your smile proud.

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